ipad 3Once again, Apple has taken the tech world by storm. This time around they captivated the world by releasing the iPad 3. Much like the first two versions of this tablet, millions of people are clamoring for more information and the right to buy one of the first units.

Before we go any further, it is important to note that this tablet is not officially known as the “iPad 3.” Instead, Apple is referring to it simply as “the iPad” or “the new iPad.” Whatever you call it, there are many upgrades over the previous version that you need to be aware of.

Same Size, Same Design

On the surface, the latest iPad looks quite similar to the previous model. It has the same exact design, but is slightly heavier and a bit fatter than its predecessor. This is due in large part to the need for a larger internal battery, necessary to run the new “resolutionary” screen.

What Does Resolutionary Mean?

This is a word that Apple has used time and time again to describe its new screen. While the screen is still the same size (9.7 inches diagonally) it has 2047×1536 pixels. For comparison’s sake, this is twice the resolution of the iPad 2.

In short, this should go a long way in improving the viewing experience – just wait until you watch your first video or live sporting event with the new iPad.


Although you may be happy with your 3G connectivity, if you want the fastest of the fast you have to opt for 4G LTE – and with the new iPad that is exactly what you get. If you want a model that does not offer 4G connectivity the price starts at $499. However, if you step your budget up to $630 you can get the model that supports 4G LTE on both the AT&T and Verizon networks.

Note: when purchasing your 4G model, you are required to specify which service you are going to use. There are different LTE bands for each provider, meaning that you cannot switch from one to the other – make your choice wisely!

Same Price

If you thought all these new features would lead to a price increase you are wrong. Apple is keeping things the same, with prices ranging from $500 to $830 (approximately).

Looking to save money? In this case, think about buying the iPad 2. Apple is now selling all models for $400. You are not going to get all the cool features detailed above, but there is nothing wrong with a brand new iPad!

There is no denying that the new iPad is a step up from the iPad 2. With many new features – some of which have never been seen before in a tablet – this unit will once again be a top seller for Apple.