Social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn may get all the coverage in list and round-up posts when it comes to building communities and sharing your expertise but let’s not forget the wonderful benefits of forums.

Forums bring a different breed of community member.

The infrastructure of a forum restricts a lot of media which forces individuals to stick predominantly to text-based posting. Because of this you’re able to find in-depth discussions about a wide range of topics and interests.

Being active on a forum is that forum members are generally very passionate which leads to your ability to build strong connections. Additionally, your link profile and reputation will grow with your commitment to the forum. The commitment then turns to lead generation.

Enough about that, though.

The following are five forums that I believe you’ll find very helpful to learn, connect, and share your brand when it comes to affiliate marketing:

1. The Fastlane Forum

The Fastlane Forum is the newest added to the list of business-related forums. It got its start by MJ DeMarco which wrote the book The Millionaire Fastlane.

Since its inception it’s swelled to over 16,000 members, 271,000+ posts, and 24,000+ threads.

On the forum you will find discussions and topics ranging from general entrepreneurship, publishing, and investing to customer service, sourcing vendors, and current events.

Though the community is small compared to other established forums, it actually works in its advantage because it gives you the ability to connect and identify with authority figures without all the noise.

Those considering a go with forums should consider The Fastlane Forum as their starting spot. The community is helpful, there are plenty of discussions, and you’re bound to build a reputation.

2. DigitalPoint

Digital Point has been around for quite some time which is why it’s among the most frequently mentioned forums about all things online and business.

On the forum you can find major sections devoted to search engines, business & marketing, design, development, and a marketplace to buy, sell, or trade.

The forum currently boasts 700,000+ members, 2.2+ million discussions, and 16.9+ million messages.

If you dig deep enough you’ll go well beyond just the discussions. The real treat about this forum is the access to webmasters that are offering advertising options, writers creating content for cheap, and talented freelancers willing to do just about any type of work.

Take a look and see if this is the type of forum for your needs.

3. WarriorForum

The Warrior Forum sometimes has a bad rep due to the frequency of individuals peddling infoproducts, courses, and software that doesn’t deliver but that’s something you could expect for any established community once it gains popularity.

Dig deeper and you will find a treasure trove of helpful threads related to all aspects of affiliate marketing, online business, and other important topics.

The Warrior Forum is most likely where you’ll get your start if you’ve ever done a search for forums related to affiliate marketing. At 670,000+ members, 516,000+ threads, and 6.8+ million posts, you’re bound to find good information and successful individuals.

Overall, if you can avoid being sucked into buying product after product through the Warrior Offers section then this forum is right up your alley to share your expertise and build connections.

4. WickedFire

Wicked Fire starts to take you into a bit of the dark side.

On this forum you will find a broad range of topics that you wouldn’t normally see on others. There are discussions of blackhat tactics. Walk a fine line when exploring these types of discussions and weigh the benefits versus the backlash.

With that being said – Wicked Fire is pretty remarkable in terms of content and discussions. You have the normal run-of-the-mill types of categories but the actual topics are sometimes all over the place. It gets really good when you explore the sell, buy & trade sub-forum which you’ll be able to find anything from content creation or links & SEO to design & development or data sales.

The forum is a tad smaller than the others coming in with 169k+ members, 138k+ threads, and almost 2 million posts, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any less value. It means you can cut through the chatter, find some great information, and build some cool connections.

5. ABestWeb

ABestWeb has been going at it for quite some time, now, and doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

The forum is solely dedicated to affiliate marketing with sub-forums divided into topics like general discussion, starting a business, growing the business, industry talk, local classifieds, networks and merchants, consulting, manager forums, and tools & services.

There are currently 93,917 members, 136,445 threads, and 1,091,319 posts at the time of this writing.

What makes this forum so special is the fact that it has brought in many industry insiders. Here you can get in touch with affiliate managers and program owners. This contact will be infinitely powerful once you learn from their experience or build a business relationship.


Forums may not have all the flash and buzz that you’d hear about the big social media websites but they’re still an amazing place to build connections, learn, and share your expertise. They are great for long, community discussion without all the noise (like when holding a Twitter chat or Google+ hangout).

These were but five of the best – there are plenty more out there.

Give ‘em a try. See if they’re your time of thing.