polish-flagDepending on the area you’re doing most of your business in you should always search for a webhost placed in the nearest possible location.

Therefore, if you’re targeting your site towards audiences in the US then you need an US-based hosting. For Europe, European-based hosting. And if you just happen to be aiming your affiliate promotions at Polish audiences then, not surprisingly, you should sign up for a hosting plan based in Poland.

Poland doesn’t sound like the first market you can thought of when you’re planning on expanding your affiliate business. However, the environment is actually pretty friendly for affiliates in Poland.

There’s not that much competition among affiliates. They simply don’t enter the market because the language seems exotic, and not that many people in Poland speak English. But apart from that, people are used to the western way of living so they tend to enjoy most of the products that American audiences enjoy. The only thing a marketer has to do is reach out to them.

This of course means registering a new domain (preferably with the TLD of .pl), getting a hosting account, and launching a new affiliate site.

When it comes to hosting and domains there are two leaders in Poland: nazwa.pl and home.pl.


Hosting companies in Poland often don’t have English versions of their sites, which can create some problems. However, you can always view the site through Google Translate or other similar service.

Just to summarize what nazwa.pl has to offer. There are two main packages: Active and Active Pro. The former offers 50GB of disk space, unlimited transfer, unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, a custom administration platform (not cPanel), and some website creation tools. All for $8 a month.

The Active Pro is pretty much the same only this time you get 100GB of disk space, and you have to pay $16 a month. Both plans are shared hosting, which is usually the best solution for a new site.


The offer at home.pl is very similar, only a bit more expensive. The packages that make sense start at $16 a month. For this price you get 100GB of disk space, unlimited transfer, unlimited domains, and many tools to help you manage your account.

However, there’s some additional stuff that can make the additional investment worth it. You get coupon codes for both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, and the ability to register up to 6 new domains without any additional payments (home.pl is also a domain registrar).

If you haven’t found an interesting package at nazwa.pl or home.pl you can try the following companies.


Webhost.pl offers some pretty affordable plans. For as little as $65 a year you can get 5GB of disk space, 1,000GB of transfer, unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, and the possibility to register two completely new .pl domains. The platform uses cPanel for account administration.


For as little as $4 a month webd.pl offers you 20GB of disk space, unlimited transfer, unlimited email accounts, and up to 20 domains. If you’re just starting out in the Polish market this package should be more than enough to get you going. Later on you can switch to a dedicated server (at $100 a month), or even to a reseller package.


There are two main plans available at az.pl. The Personal Hosting package is valued at $32 per year, and the Business Hosting package is valued at $60 per year.

In the Personal package you get 50GB of disk space, unlimited transfer, unlimited domains, access to an online disk (similar to Dropbox), internal antivirus and a cPanel-based administration interface.

The Business package is very similar, but on top of other things you get 100GB of disk space, and your individual IP address.

Many hosting companies in Poland usually provide different types of dedicated hosting too, but they don’t display this on their sites because the hosting industry isn’t that developed yet, so the average customer is not that hosting savvy, so to speak. However, if you need a more complex hosting plan you can ask about such possibilities pretty openly.

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