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Ways to Make Your Monday a Little More Awesome


The dreaded Monday’s.

Many of us slog back in to work after having a blast all weekend so it’s easy why we’re not too enthusiastic about the start of the work week.

We chug down our coffee, mull through emails, and slowly get into work mode but it still feels like a drag.

Monday’s don’t have to be like this.

In fact – Monday’s could be one of your favorite days if you enter it with the right mindset and preparations which brings us to the following…

Necessity #1: Make and set a plan

Those that feel they are aimlessly going through Monday are doing so because they do not have a plan for the day. It’s not enough to wake up Monday morning and make a to-do list because you are likely to form it around what you need to do for that day (rather than look at the bigger picture).

Your best bet is to make and set a plan on Sunday when you can review the work you’ve completed from the previous week so that you may set big, achievable goals for the following.

Necessity #2: Start the day with positive vibes

When you wake on Monday are you the type to immediately feel dread or do you go through a ritual to boost your spirits and feel excitement for the coming work week? Obviously it should be the latter.

Positive projection is very helpful if you want to make your Monday’s awesome.

All you really need is to take a few minutes of your time to breathe, reflect on your wins, and tell yourself you’re going to do great; doing so will heighten your mood which will carry over into the start of your day.

Necessity #3: Have a reward in place

One of the reasons you may feel the dread of starting on Monday is that you place so much joy into the activities over the weekend which trains your brain to have preference.

Your brain thinks: Work week = dull and dreadful, weekend = fun and relaxing.

But you don’t need to create this imbalance if you always have some form of reward for accomplishing your goals (or for the sake of having fun). Perhaps you should try to set a day (or randomize it) where you have fun like you would on the weekend so it’s not so dull for long stretches of time.

Necessity #4: Start a tradition at work

Unless you’re working some stiff, corporate gig then you can probably get away with changing it up around the office by starting a new tradition with coworkers.

  • Idea #1: Do a potluck with everyone for lunch

  • Idea #2: Have a show and tell type thing with others that are into crafting

  • Idea #3: See if you could bring in your pet (and alternate each week)

We like to see Friday’s as the day we break up the monotony and “get loose” but why not go ahead and start something new to make Monday’s a little more awesome?

Monday’s Don’t Suck

Monday’s are only going to suck if you’ve already made up your mind they will. Try approaching it in a different fashion by creating plans, putting on the good vibes, rewarding yourself, and creating something at the workplace that’s going to brighten it for others. Monday’s, then, could turn into something you no longer dread but welcome (because they’re awesome).

What do YOU do to make Monday’s better?



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