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The Mind Game behind Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing works because you are presenting products/services to individuals that are already in the market. The people are doing their research and may already have an inclination of what they’d like to purchase. By being the middle-man you earn the commission though it doesn’t mean you can simply place an affiliate link and call it a day.

There is a mind game which you will need to play with visitors on your site and in campaigns.

There are two types of individuals seeking to make a purchase:

  • The Logical

  • The Emotional

Those that are logical are the type so spend countless hours reading reviews, comparing products/services, and basing their decision upon such elements as budget, usability, and overall quality of the purchase.

Those that are emotional become tied to the experience a product/service provides which means they often make heated decisions on the purchase. It’s the type of individual that notices a new phone which they “must have” because it’s the hot new thing (for example).

If you are able to tap into the emotional side of pushing products/services through your affiliate marketing you will, no doubt, see an increase in conversions because the vast majority of people making purchases online are doing so emotionally.

In a way it’s a break down like this:

I want to lose weight…

  • The logical individual is doing so because they understand health risks associated with being unhealthy due to being overweight so they do research on the best routines, equipment, and deals for reaching their goal.

  • The emotional individual may have decided upon this because of the peer perception and they aren’t entirely comfortable with their current body image. The individuals are likely to hop onto fad products and normally give up after some time because they didn’t do enough homework.

It’s not to say that you should “prey” on the emotional individuals; it simply means that easier to get them excited through the key bullet points, stories, and emotional connection you are culturing around a particular affiliate product.

So next time when you’re piecing together a review, ad campaign, or pitch think of the following:

  • What is the underlying emotion as to why someone may want this item?

  • What is the emotion they experience once they reach that goal?

  • What is the emotional feeling they have when others see what they have (or have done)?

If you can weave your copy into an emotional piece of copy then you are already doing a great job at improving the chances of converting those leads. Suck them in with a story, present the product/service, tell about others that have found success, and how the lifestyle has changed by making that purchase.

It’s a mind game.

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