Podcasts are a great way to get information when you’re not too enthusiastic about sitting in down to read, during your work commute, or if you want to multi-task in your learning and implementation.

You can find podcasts all over the Web ranging from any and every topic but what we’re looking at, today, are those top contenders as business-related podcasts – the ones that will give you some excellent insight and strategies for growing your affiliate marketing business.

Podcasts can be a quick, five minute update or take upward of two (or more) hours; some hosts go off on wild tangents, others go for entertainment, and some keep it straight as a razor. Whatever your fancy – here are the ones that we’d recommend …

  • Duct Tape Marketing – The Duct Tape Marketing podcast, presented by John Jantsch, takes listeners through a great array of strategies for growing their small business on a budget which makes for a perfect addition if you’re running off the bootstraps.
  • Social Triggers Insider – Derek Halpern is doing big things in the world of conversion optimization and buyer psychology; you won’t want to miss this one if you’re the type to tweak and test your website and business plans.
  • Marketing Over Coffee – John Wall and Christopher Penn come together for a weekly discussion about what’s happening in the world of marketing; it’s a great podcast to get deep into the industry goodies.
  • The Beancast – This roundtable discussion about marketing, advertising, and all things Web and business related is brought to you by Cool Beans Productions. There is always something new to hear and plenty to act on.
  • SEO 101 – Search Engine Optimization is a massive industry and takes ages to master the topic which is why the SEO101 podcast is the perfect place to get your start and explore your way into advanced levels of search ranking.
  • Smart Passive Income Podcast – Pat Flynn has been the all-around leader in the realm of passive income and regularly shares insights and interviews with thought leaders in the online marketing industry (and many others outside of the usual comfort zone).
  • Digital Publishing Podcast – Tristan is still getting his start with the DPP podcast but it’s clear and to the point; he covers many ideas, happenings, and thoughts about the industry without over fluffing the topics and being too promotional – it’s a must listen.
  • Internet Business Mastery – The IBM podcast has almost everything you’d want when it comes to learning about operating an online business; not everything may apply to your business but there are over 187 podcasts in circulation, at this time, so you’re more than covered.

This is, by far, not a complete list as there are always new and exciting podcasts hitting the airwaves. We’d recommend subscribing to a few for when you have some downtime or want to multi-task in your work. Be sure to use our suggestion for mastering a topic if you plan to pursue some of the items covered in specific broadcasts – and put the information to the test!

What are your favorite podcasts?