Call-to-actions are the driving force behind your affiliate conversions. They give visitors a nudge hence the “call to action”.

The interesting thing about all this is the fact that many affiliate marketers never really gets around to tweaking and testing them. This is quite unfortunate because a marginal percentage increase could lead to tens of thousands of additional revenue.

One glance at some of the CTA case studies rounded up by pieced together and it’ll bring a shock to your system if you haven’t been testing the elements.

Don’t kick yourself over all this, though, because it’s never too late to make some changes.

Below you will find a multitude of call-to-action button resources from tutorials to template, expert guides and more.

CTA Button Tutorials

  • How to Create a Slick and Clean Button in Photoshop. A straight-forward guide to using Photoshop to make sleek, modern buttons. This should give you some initial experience but be sure to employ what you’ve learned in the great reads section to make the necessary tweaks.
  • Professional Glossy “Download” Button. This tutorial is short and to the point. The button, nowadays, isn’t something you’d particularly use since that design style has started to drop off in popularity but it’ll help get your head wrapped around the concept (and it includes HTML/CSS code suggestion for adding it to a page).
  • 12 Excellent CSS3 Button and Menu Techniques. CSS3 and HTML5 are here and with them come the ability to create items like buttons. Consider using one of these tutorials for the CTA because it will keep the site nice and speedy (versus using a lot of images).
  • Create Clean and Fresh Call-to-Action Button. Lots of pictures in this guide will help you get your way around graphic editing programs. The post is also worthwhile because it shows off some text effects, gradients, and other design challenges that’ll help you improve your usage of the programs and give you something to test with your buttons.

CTA Button Templates/Generators

  • 35 Free “Call To Action” Button Templates (PSD). Quite a massive list of free Photoshop templates for call-to-action buttons. All you need to do is download & open them in PS, then get editing to your heart’s content. They’re free to use though you may want to give a small credit somewhere on your site just to be nice.
  • A snazzy little website that will create free call-to-action buttons – a great resource if you’re not too keen to using Photoshop or other editing programs.

Great Reads about CTA’s


Let’s put it all into perspective.

Say you’re earning a respectful $100 a day from one of your affiliate marketing projects. This amounts to $36,500 for the year. Now let’s say you do a tiny tweak that bumps it to $110 a day. You’re now earning $40,150 a year. Not bad considering that many tweaks take less than a few minutes, right?

Improving conversions should be one of your main priorities. It’s likely you have more than enough traffic to earn a sizeable profit. Try dumping your time and money into improving the CTA’s for a while – see how it works out. It’s well worth it.