There is a wealth of information about building successful websites.

It’s easy to find tutorials, tips, and strategies. You’re likely to dig into all those round-up posts talking about monetization methods and whatnot but you have to stop and ask how helpful they are if you can’t see how they’re actually applied in the real-world.

Case studies and series bloggers and online business owners have put together allows you to fully explore the possibilities. They take you along, by hand, throughout the entire process. This, to me, is infinitely more helpful than just reading a list of tips. You’ll feel inspired. It’ll light the fire to get you from a passive reader to an active participant.

The following are a few of this case studies and series about building profitable websites …

Viperchill’s Triple X Niche Site Case Study

Glen, Diggy, and Mr. V are battling it out to create a successful (profitable) website.

Each of the individuals aims to take a different approach to the website building process and marketing. Diggy will focus solely on SEO, Glen on social, and Mr. V can do whatever he feels fit.

The series has a unique twist due to this restriction on marketing strategies. Each person will have a budget of $500 until the end of 2013, too. There are regular updates at this time which makes it one of the more exciting case studies we’ve seen in a while.

Check it out: The Triple X Case Study.

Steve Scott’s Authority Business Project

Steve Scott, of, is taking a different approach – he’s aiming to build a high authority website rather than going too niche.

Steve isn’t holding back. He plans to tackle this project through every strategy he’s learned over the many years in affiliate marketing and online business. He’ll work on product launches, list building, multiple income strategies, and more.

You will find this case study particularly useful if you want to expand your marketing and promotional methods beyond the basics as Steve goes deep into each of the strategies which makes them easy to pick up and implement.

Check it out: The Authority Site Website Series.

Zac Johnson’s 4-Figure Blog Series

Zac is no stranger here on Zac is very active when it comes to building online businesses and profitable websites. This last year he launched on that’s now making four figures a month which has spurred him to create a new series about that process.

Over the series (which is still ongoing at the time of this writing) he will reveal the planning process, getting everything setup, writing posts that drive income, and marketing strategies.

There are other series in this list that go deeper into the individual elements but Zac’s contribution is perfect if you can’t waste time digging through the minutiae.

Check it out: Zac’s 4-Figure Monthly Blog Series.

Pat Flynn’s Niche Site Duel

Pat really hit it big with the previous Niche Site Duel series which helped to catapult him into making six figures a month. The site,, became wildly successful; it’s a great example of finding a specific niche and really dominating the market through value and long-tail keywords.

Part 2 of the series has started not too long ago. This time around many strategies have been reworked due to changes in search engine algorithms.

Others are welcome to join in on the duel which is perfect if you’re teetering on whether to give it a shot – having the community there will certainly push you forward in getting things done.

Check it out: The Niche Site Duel 2.0.

Jason Van Orden’s Niche Site Income Series

Jason has been creating successful online businesses for many years –of Internet Business Mastery?

This series Jason put together is a six-parter. The series goes through everything you’d want to know about building successful websites and turning a profit. You’ll learn finding a niche, keyword research, monetization methods, and other income increasing strategies.

The real treat of this series is the wealth of real stats and income reports which is sure to give you a kick in the rear to get things started.

Check it out: The Niche Site Income Cast Study.

Spencer Haw’s Niche Site Project Series

Last, but certainly not least, is the niche site project series Spencer Haw, of, pieced together. If you want attention to detail then this is the series I’d recommend having a go.

Spencer goes deep into all aspects of building a profitable website. As of his last income report, September 2013, his site is pulling in around $800 a month. If you want to get on board with this then I’d highly recommend you start right from the beginning and pay particular attention to the keyword research portions as they will dictate how everything else will go down.

Check it out: The Niche Site Project Series.