A small commitment in your budget can lead to astonishing results for building your brand, boosting conversions, and adding helpful resources to an existing product on the market; one way of doing all three is through the process of giveaways.

The focus of this “Quick Improvements” part puts the focus on using giveaways as a form of lead generation in your affiliate marketing business.

The article will guide you through the product/service selection for what you could use as part of the giveaway and various methods to use the promotion of said giveaway to draw attention to your marketing message and call-to-actions.

A simple commitment of $50 – $100 shouldn’t be a price point that breaks the bank, and you’ll certainly recoup this cost once you have a giveaway up and running; here’s how to get started …

To Bring Excitement to the Brand

Think of the last time you saw a contest for a product you really, really wanted and all you had to do was share it on your Facebook page; it’s a simple click to get into the entries, not a whole lot of commitment, and there’s certainly a possibility that you may win.

Now, flip the equation and put yourself into the shoes of the business running the promotion.

Giveaways can be a great form of free advertising because:

  • People receiving the product/service will mention it to their friends/family
  • Pictures and media will appear if the recipient wants to share it on social platforms
  • Social platforms create a momentum that will spread the giveaway like wildfire

Most importantly: you’ll most likely gain feedback about the product without asking.

Giveaways are great for certain periods in your business, too:

  • New product launch
  • Revisions and update alerts
  • Milestones

In all, you can utilize giveaways to drum up a whole lot of excitement around your brand because people that want what you have to offer will naturally share it with others based on the guidelines and their interest.

This excitement allows you to transition to the next phase in your business so the next offers you present will have the community attention since you’ve already captured it with the giveaway.

To Boost Conversions during a Product Launch

One tactic that many affiliate marketers employ is the bundling of giveaways with new product launches – – and it goes a little something like this:

1. You find a business that’s about to launch a hot product/service.

2. Sign up for their affiliate program and explore the affiliate backend.

3. Ask the business for pre-launch media, content, and email swipe.

4. Build or modify a product that compliments the release.

5. Create a landing page so those that buys through your link will receive a free gift.

Sounds simple enough, right?

This tactic works because it adds extra value to something they may have already decided to purchase; it’s like icing on the cake. The giveaways gives extra incentive to purchase through your affiliate link, too, and there’s no real loss of revenue from the giveaway because you recoup the cost from bundling it with product/services that come at a higher price than if you were to sell what you had to offer on its own.

To Compliment an Existing Service

The service industry caters to products and other services; they generally come at a cost or some form of payment on the backend. Giveaways can cut into this market if you were to offer something that compliments the service.

For example:

  • A robust guide to WordPress theme development to go with a popular WP backend.
  • An ebook that explains security flaws that could be coupled with a security service.
  • An hour of consulting for a service you’ve promoted.
  • A full year subscription to the service.

Like the section before – – you could combine a giveaway with a service offer to add value to the deal; this will improve conversions because it’s an extra freebie but it could also open an on-going income stream if the service evolves and the user needs continuous support.

In all, you’re drawing attention to what you’re promoting through the interest of your community. The community sees what they want, do what they can to gain an entry into the giveaway, someone receives the prize, but you ultimately drive a ton of traffic and eyeballs to your offer.

How would you use giveaways in your business to improve conversions, engagement, and resourcefulness?