Once you understand that content can be a powerful method to gain search and social traction you will find yourself creating it (almost) daily. The problem, though, is that you can put a lot of effort into the work but it sometimes simply doesn’t hit the mark and you’re left wondering why you’re not gaining traffic or interaction for all that hard work.

What happens is that you miss the three main reasons that make content appealing in the first place.

The following are those items, why they’re needed, and what you can do to make sure that each piece of content you’re producing at least has some chance to connect to the community (rather than being lost in the endless sea of content).

1. Too much fluff

Consider all the available source of entertainment and knowledge we have from television to streaming audio, web blogs to social networks, online games and more. Right off the bat you need to remember that we’re all very much distracted by this incredible wealth of media.

IF someone makes it to your content than it needs to cut through the noise and deliver something of substantial value whether it’s something interesting worth knowing, something that inspires, or something that entertains.

Try to avoid wrapping the message in fluff because you only have a few moments to catch their attention and draw them in.


Learn and practice the art of storytelling.

2. There’s no take-away

Education, inspiration, and entertainment are but one element of gripping content. The other half that needs to be experienced is some form of take-away.

  • Leave the reader feeling they want to learn more.
  • Leave the viewer begging for the next video.
  • Leave the listener challenging your ideas and opinions.

It could be positive, negative, or in-between. The goal is to make that content experience stick well after they’ve finished your work. It’s the same feeling you have when you were blown away by the experience which had you wanting (and needing) to come back for more.


Creating a great call-to-action and take-away.

3.  It has been done elsewhere

One of the major road blocks you will find in creating content is the fact that someone may have already done something similar elsewhere. Nothing puts a stop to your progress than finding out the competition has beaten you to the punch.

All is not lost, though, because although it’s been done elsewhere you can always find an angle that can deliver your work with greater value and uniqueness to warrant its existence.

The goal is to simply not settle if you find similar pieces. You should see it as an opportunity to one-up the competition and really show your expertise and authority.


Delivering value and dominating the competition.

What is there to learn?

Though there are only three on this list you can imagine the assortment of other reasons why people probably don’t care for your content. If, though, you can fix these three you can bet that you’ll at least do better than most of the competition which seems to, more than often, put half the effort into their content creation and community efforts.

The point of it all is to actually care about what you’re creating while avoiding the pitfall of catering to individuals just for a rise – the goal is to define yourself, your brand, and your style based on your efforts than merely playing to some keyword generator or generic competition.

These were three. What else would you add?