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Home > Directory >, the largest merchant cash advance company in the world, invites you to join our affiliate program. We provide you with trackable banner ads and text links to generate leads from your website, and pay you for every valid lead. Joining is simple. Click for more details., the largest merchant cash advance company in the world, invites you to join our affiliate program.

Whether or not you’ve received a merchant cash advance for your own business, you can make money referring small and medium-sized business owners who could benefit from our programs. When you become our affiliate you’ll be paid for every valid merchant cash advance lead you submit, and we accept lead submissions from all over the United States and Canada.

What’s a merchant cash advance? It’s one of the most popular sources of working capital available today for small and medium-sized businesses. Instead of a conventional loan, business owners receive an advance against future credit card sales. Payment is made by giving us a percentage of each credit card transaction until the advance is paid in full. There are no credit reports required, no checks to write or send, and because payments are made automatically, business owners never have to struggle to meet a fixed loan payment in a slow business month.

Why recommend MerchantCashinAdvance? We’re the largest cash advance company in the world, with a solid track record in the business and 24/7 telephone support for our members. In addition to conventional merchant cash advances, we also offer invoice cash advances and ACH advances. As well, clean reputation in the cash advance industry, with a 99% approval rate for merchant cash advances and merchant credit accounts.

Our affiliate program offers the highest payouts for merchant cash advance leads in the entire country, and applications from prospective affiliates are reviewed within 48 hours. Once approved, you’ll be able to put a banner ad or text link encoded with your trackable affiliate code on your own webpage, sit back, and earn passive income.


Affiliate Manager Name

Wes Mayder

Affiliate Manager E-mail

Base Commission




Commission Type

per lead

Payment Type

wire, paypal, check

Payment Frequency

45 days

Affiliate Tracking Software

in house

Cookie Tracking

30 days

IP Tracking


Real-Time Statistics


Lifetime Commissions


Product Datafeed


Payment Threshold


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