Empower Network, launched in 2011 as a venture by David Wood and David Sharpe, is a unique form of business opportunity which costs $25 to start and offers 100% commissions on each of your respective sales.

Sounds pretty good on the surface, right?

Here is what we’ve found when doing a review for Empower Nework.

Empower Network: The Overview

As noted, the startup for Empower Network is $25 a month which gets you an SEO-friendly blog within the network. The blog can be tailored to your specifics, linked to your social media accounts, and promote the network and its products.

The kicker: The initial $25 investment isn’t the only thing you need to buy into. You’re required to purchase an e-Wallet account which sets you back an additional $19.95 a month.

Makin’ Money with Empower Network

Stated within the network, 100% commissions are paid whenever someone purchases a product through one of the advertisements on your Empower Network blog. But, it’s only the first sale that goes directly to you where as the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th sale goes to your sponsor which effectively turns Empower Network into an MLM scheme.

Like with every MLM scheme, your duty is to go beyond the base commissions and earn through recruiting additional members beneath you which earns you said commissions based on the schedule; the greater your referrals, the greater your earnings.

Upsells, Training, and Commissions

Empower Network begins to be tricky to fully understand without being a member but here’s the guts of it:

  • You start with a basic account, blog as you normally would, earn commissions, and leverage the network to increase your traffic (like other blog circles)
  • You can purchase higher level training which then gives you access to upsell these programs to other individuals through your own network.

If it’s going over your head, it’s basically stating that to earn the big commissions, you need to make the big investment toward the higher level items which, in turn, allows you promote said items.

Get a better idea by viewing their income disclaimer.

Empower Network: In Review

“We just need to know the juicy bits” you may be exclaiming; not to keep you waiting, here is what we think of the Empower Network.

The Good

  • The website and blog has an amazing amount of information and training for everything you’d be doing when starting and running an online business of your own
  • You earn 100% commissions from all qualified product sales
  • The system is setup for those intimidated by the tech-jargon

The Bad

  • All-in-one solutions are often a nightmare to leave because of the reliance on other people’s platforms and work
  • You’re getting into the world of MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) which has its gray area
  • You could just find, sell, and promote many of these products on your own with additional work on the front-end

The Bottom Line

MLM. Generally speaking, this is the term that we’d immediately run from but Empower Network has shown that the model can be very lucrative for members in its community in which it’s paid well over $12 million in commissions since launch.

The initial investment will shy away many individuals along with the ‘suggested’ upsells but the base commitment is very minute compared to starting from scratch (especially if you’re technical impaired).

Our Verdict: 3.5/5

In all, Empower Network is for the individual that has the drive to recruit referrals which is intimidating to many. If approached correctly, Empower Network can become a lucrative venture. Approach this network with caution and don’t get in over your head (as you can expect with any form of business venture you’ll find online).

What are your thoughts about Empower Network?