There’s some good news from team Facebook regarding the financial report for Q2. The social media giant brought in $1.18 billion in revenue (total). This is just a little more than various analysts expected ($1.15 billion).

However, the interesting thing is the part of the revenue that comes from advertising, which is $992 million. This represents a healthy 84% of total revenue. Additionally, it’s a 28% increase comparing to the Q2 results from one year back.

What’s also worth noting are the big improvements in Facebook’s mobile platform. Mobile users are said to be 20% more active than regular users. This translates into revenue generated through sponsored stories. About half of this revenue comes from the mobile platform.

What Does This Mean for Affiliates?

There are basically two things we can notice here. First of all, the overall good situation with Facebook ads means that Facebook is going to continue working on making their advertising platform even better. As you’re reading this, Facebook is implementing new forms of ads. For example, a mechanism of displaying Likes for a given page rather than a direct ad of the page.

Secondly, every affiliate should consider improving their usage of mobile ads. Since mobile users of Facebook are 20% more active than normal users this makes them also 20% more active when it comes to interacting with ads.

Jumping on every opportunity early is often where affiliates can generate the biggest profits. Right now, such an opportunity is Facebook mobile, and all new forms of ads that will soon be available.