Facebook has just announced that it has begun rolling out the Timeline feature for brand pages which has previously been slowly implemented for personal users. The Timeline adds a new design and platform to discover highlight moments of a brand’s history.

We ask: “how this new Timeline feature, for brand pages change the way business will be done on the social networking giant?”

In this article, we’ll explore the potential up-coming effects of Facebook Timeline for brands and how you too can implement these features for your own business.

Facebook with the Wikipedia Effect?

Wikipedia has become the Internet’s source of information for well over a decade but the recent launch of Facebook’s Timeline for businesses could put a whole new perspective on companies and brands.

The benefit of Facebook Timeline comes down to the interactivity from the Facebook platform. Wikipedia limits editing on their pages if information is opinion-based; brand Timeline’s would allow followers to add their own say to major events for the companies. Imagine, people can openly discuss major events in a brands history which opens a whole new level of dialog and connection to the business.

There are, however, obvious implications of the Facebook Timeline, mainly that the content is moderated by the brand which could possibly lead to misleading information about its past. However, other sources will always be available for fact checking so it may not be a problem for big brands.

We very well now see individuals exploring brand pages as they do on Wikipedia; crawling deeper into the history based on interesting snippets and related information. The “Wikipedia Effect” could allow brands to have a plethora of older content discovered due to the inquisitive nature of people digging through history; especially on the web.

The New York Times paves the way for Branded Facebook Timelines

Here at AffiliatePrograms.com, we believe that one of the best methods of learning about new opportunities is to closely examine the major brands that have extensive budgets to implement and explore new technologies; this gives you a great starting point for your own business.

The New York Times has been one of the earliest adopters of the new Facebook Timeline for brands.

The NYT has taken this opportunity to give its followers the ability to search back through the history of the company to read and view major events; such events NYT has chosen to share is their founding, moments of growth, glimpses inside the newspaper operations, and major news articles.

The Times has certainly jumped on board with the new Facebook Timeline feature for brands but they could take it to the next level by tapping into the current buzz of followers discussing older events to further share information about the company. Likewise, highlights of major news articles could become a great way to send web traffic to archives to the actual articles and not just a picture on Facebook.

Regardless, we shall see how people react to The Times in these coming weeks as we’re sure they will be setting the new standard for using Facebook Timeline for branding and business.

Five Potential Uses for Your Facebook Timeline

We’ve explored examples and benefits of this new launch of the Facebook Timeline for brands and businesses; now let’s explore how you too can get in on the action.

  • Start a Conversation about Major Events. Major events in your business’s history, such as its launch, growth, or major product release can be a perfect moment to talk with people about their experiences. People love to talk about their products; allowing them to start up interesting debates and dialog within the Timeline can add a whole new level of history and perspective on your business.
  • Clean Up the Mess. Many businesses have a black eye from events that happened in the past that doesn’t seem to heal. Honesty and transparency goes a long way; the Timeline feature can be used to come out and talk about the problematic moments in your company’s past to set the record straight.
  • Push People to the Archives. The Timeline feature is a great way to share the best-of moments for your business that new customers may not have known; this is a big problem in terms of content that gets passed over because it’s old. Your Facebook Timeline could be used to share links to older pieces of content and promote your best work which, in turn, has a greater chance of landing new clients.
  • Revive Market Research. Those first few products for your business has been around for quite some time now which means you may not remember every detail that went into the production. Your Timeline could be a great data mine for discovering what had people buying in the early phases of your business which could be used in future ventures.
  • Add Humanity to the Brand. Every business has its major and minor players; the employees and innovators that often get passed over, in the public eye, because consumers focus on the product. Your Facebook Timeline could highlight the individuals that made your business what it is today; this adds a personal touch to your company – mainly, humanity.

Facebook Timeline for brands and businesses are just getting launched so time will tell how they will be used; however, we recommend that you get started as soon as possible to capture the attention of web users while the buzz is hot. Learn from The Times, tap into the “Wikipedia Effect”, and implement a few of the strategies in this article for your own business; there’s so much potential here it’s mind boggling.