I love Amazon Associates.

I love it because:

  • People trust the website
  • You can offer a wide range of physical products
  • The companies handle the customer support

When you think of where you purchase products online it will almost always point to Amazon.com because it’s a website you trust. Other incentives such as Amazon Prime makes it extremely attractive to those debating on purchasing at retail vs online.

Simply put: If they’re ready to buy and they’re on Amazon… they’re going to buy.

I’ve been working with the Amazon Associates program for a number of years, now, and wanted to share some of the things I’ve picked up on that gave nice “bumps” in profit through the program.

Try a few of these strategies and you too will see that bump…

1. Leverage those images

Images are some of the easiest ways to encourage readers to click and visit Amazon.com.

There are plenty of images to work with, including:

  • Product pictures
  • Screencaps of reviews
  • Checkout buttons
  • Screencaps of on-page videos

Try to integrate imagery as much as you can when talking about a product because people want to see what they’re willing to buy. If you need a great example then head over to one of the major gadget review websites and see how they use imagery in their reviews and content to create attraction.

2. Work with the bestseller lists (and comparable products)

I mentioned in my guide The Simplest Way to Find Profitable (Physical) Products for Promotion that Amazon.com is one of the best places for finding worthwhile products to promote and much of it stems off the deep categorization on the site and that they show the bestsellers.

To go one step further you can take a look at the digital best sellers for items like Kindle books, gift cards, and video game downloads.

There should be two things going on here:

  • Promote the bestsellers because they are popular and well-reviewed which means people are more likely to make the purchase because it’s well-received.
  • Promote the comparable products (higher priced, lower value, etc) so that you can give people various options if they don’t agree with the items on the bestsellers list.

The good thing from this is that you’ll also increase your commission tier very rapidly. Raising your tier gives you an additional percentage on the commission and so building up a few dozen “easy sales” with the comparable products gets you there faster.

3. Create buyer guides

Hands down my favorite method to increasing earnings is through buyer guides which I covered in the post Easy Affiliate Earnings 101: Buyer’s Guides.

Buyer guides are great because:

  • It’s long-form, covers many different products, and gives many opportunities to get the click
  • You have a nice piece of content you can deliver to your list
  • You can create debate and discussion about the guide on social feeds
  • It can be updated each year (and that in itself becomes additional promotion)
  • It’s relatively easy to make because it’s a collection of reviews and insights

Example: The Christmas Shopping Guide for the Men in Your Life.

Much of the work has already been completed if you’ve been creating reviews for products on your site throughout the year. Package it up with some fancy graphics and you’re good to go!

4. Focus on seasonal frenzies

In the Amazon Associates Program: Five Great Holiday Niches to Promote post we put together we wanted to share the best holidays to ramp up promotions. These are the times when people are buying tons of gifts or party supplies so it’s naturally going to lead to an increase in profits.

The niche items we mentioned for the holiday season included:

  • Kindles and tablet computers
  • Health and beauty
  • Cameras
  • Home, garden, and tools
  • Jewelry and watches

Of course every niche works but these usually have the big ticket items that earn you nice commissions.

Your turn to share. What gives you nice pay bumps when using Amazon Associates?