The skills you’ve learned along your journey into affiliate marketing are worth their weight in gold.

Those skills you’ve learned to build websites, market products, socialize with the community, and build powerful business relationships don’t have to be confined to just work.

There are many opportunities where you can use these skills for good.

Think of all the people out there that would like to do what you do. Think of all the people out there that would simply like to have a website. Or understand social media. Or have the skills to negotiate.

Here are some ideas if you’d like to put your skills to good use (besides business):

  • Teach. Not just through your website but in the real world, too. Sit down with people of all ages and show them how it’s done. Even if they aren’t entirely interested in what you do it may encourage them to take up a project. You get to inspire them. That person you taught (like building a website) could make something great for all of us. And, you might just learn a few new tricks along the way.
  • Charity. Have you seen a lot of websites for charities? They’re on tough budgets so usually the Web department is lacking. What if you stepped in and helped them get setup properly? You could rework their site, help them use social media, and apply your skills so more people can see their cause.
  • Awareness. Have a cause you can get behind? Use your skills in marketing, promotion, and advertising to help spread the message. Make your own campaigns for the cause.
  • Donate. One of the best uses of your time when helping others isn’t always being there physically. Let money do the heavy work. You can keep doing what you do best and set aside a percentage that would go to a charity. It’s easy, too. Just make a mental note that 1 out of 10 commissions goes toward your favorite charity or organization.
  • Inspire. Talk about what you do to anyone that wants to listen. Tell your story and success. Inspire them to take up the title of entrepreneur. Everyone has an idea but not everyone knows how to get the ball rolling. You can be that person they come to for guidance and mentorship.

A lot of the good you can do, with your skills, is merely shifting it away from business and onto others.

There are many that don’t understand the core concepts. There are others held back due to finances. There are many more that don’t even know it’s possible!

Take a day and think about it. See if you can give back. Write out some ideas about what you could do.

Not only will you leave a valuable impression on others but in the long-run your teaching, donations, inspiration, and message can bring a whole new wave of amazing individuals into business.