Google Affiliate Network: 5 great programs to promoteWe’ve recently given you advice on how connect with great affiliate programs at affiliate networks such as LinkShare, ShareASale and ClickBank. Today we’re going to focus on some hot programs at the Google Affiliate Network.

Google’s network, which came to Google through acquisition, was formerly known as DoubleClick, Performics and Connect Commerce. But even with all of these name changes, the network itself is quietly improving its capabilities and becoming an effective affiliate marketing network.

Many major brand such as Barnes and Noble, Target, Office Max and Sears advertise through the network. And affiliates report doing well with these and smaller programs such as Wine Enthusiast, Vista Print … and the programs we’ll mention below.

If there’s any theme to the programs here it’s the “end of the year.” Anything related to the holiday season, or items that have a seasonal appeal, can be great products to add to your site. And because of the seasonal and cyclical nature of these products, they can often be easy keywords to target with organic search engine optimization techniques. Have a look at these programs and check them out. We’re sure you’ll find something that’s great for your site.

Blue Nile

Founded in 1999, Blue Nile can now claim that it’s the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry. According to Internet Retailer Magazine, Blue Nile’s gross sales exceed the sales of the next three largest online jewelers combined.

If you’re blogging about fashion, weddings, or other topics that appeal to Blue Nile’s target demographic: Women with significant disposable income, you’ll want to consider adding this site to your mix. One of the things that Blue Nile is famous for is simplifying the process of choosing an engagement ring. If you can create content on your site about that, you’ll do well with this program.

Commission: 5 percent
3 Month EPC: 99.97
Cookie Length: 30 days

Goalie Monkey

Winter, and hockey season, are approaching soon. Goalie Monkey is one of the best online selections of online hockey equipment. They carry name brands such as Reebok, Vaughn, Bauer and more. They have generous return policy and are known for aggressive discounting, beating other retailers’ prices by 5 percent.

This is a great program for sites that appeal to dads, moms and kids who play hockey. For instance, if you’re running a blog for your kids’ hockey team and it’s getting some traffic, this might be a good program to consider.

Commission: 6 percent
3 Month EPC: 82.01
Cookie Length: 30 days

1000 Bulbs

While hockey is a winter sport, getting your house ready for Winter is a Fall sport in many areas of the country. With the longer nights and darker days comes need for more indoor and outdoor lighting. And as more lighting is used, the more replacement bulbs that will be needed.

You’ll want to consider this program if you’re running a site about home repair, decorative lighting or energy efficiency. In addition, you’ll want to look at the seasonal and holiday products offered by this retailer.

Commission: 8 percent
3 Month EPC: 91.79
Cookie Length: 30 days

Christmas Lights Etc.

Another seasonal opportunity, which you may or may not have heard of, it Christmas. From October through December, the web retailing world goes crazy connecting niche products with niche consumers. And Christmas supplies are no different. When people can’t find the Christmas products they’re looking for at the big box store nearby, they’re going to go online. And that’s an opportunity for you.

While you might think Christmas lights would appeal to anyone, think about the person in the household most likely to buy them: the mom. And unlike many Christmas products, which are targeted at moms with young kids, this one will do better targeting moms with older kids who may have more time to decorate and enjoy the holiday.

Commission: 8 percent
3 Month EPC: 217.69
Cookie Length: 30 days


And along with everything else that happens at the end of the year, there’s a lot of gift giving going on. And if you can find a way to redirect just a small portion of that gift researching and buying traffic through your affiliate website, you’ll have a successful holiday season. Fossil, the brand that sells purses, watches and wallets, is a another seasonal opportunity. As people are looking for gift ideas during the holidays, they’re also looking for gifts. And when you don’t know what to buy someone, how about a watch or a wallet … something anyone can use and enjoy.

This is a great program for general gift bloggers and holiday sites. More specifically, a list of gift ideas could include a mention of a Fossil product or two. While Fossil might not qualify as high fashion, it’s definitely a program that can have mass appeal if you find the right keywords.

Commission: 8 percent
3 Month EPC: 70.97
Cookie Length: 30 days

Overall, you’ll enjoy working with the Google Affiliate Network and its programs. And if you focus on some of these holiday opportunities in the next few weeks, you can do well during the Christmas rush.