As web site and blog owners, we are always looking to see where our web sites are currently ranking in the search results. What some people don’t know is that when they are searching the internet, their results in the search engines are showing based on their previous search results, social visits and other settings. In short, what you are seeing when you search Google, isn’t what everyone else is seeing.

Sure, you could clear your cookies and cache, then visit every time you want to get a clean result, but there is a much better way.

One of my favorite web sites for searching the top results in the search engines and seeing where my sites are listed is at The name says it all… you put in your keyword and your site url, then if you are listed within the first 10 pages for a search term, Google will show you.

“What Page of Search Am I On” in Action

You can visit right now and run a quick search for yourself or simply view the screenshot below and you will have a good idea how it works.

Let’s take a look at a competitive search term like “ppc tracking”, then plug in the review web site of This site is currently ranking on page 2 of Google for the search term. The screenshot below is good, but when you are actually using the site, it’s cool to watch the tool scan through Google results then highlight your listing when its found.

Free & Paid Search Engine Rank Checkers

If you are looking for even more search engine tracking tools and solutions, be sure to check out the list of plugins, software and web sites for free and paid search engine rank checkers over at SEOBook Tools. There are plenty of free plugins and tools that every web site owner and blogger will appreciate.

This post was written by Zac Johnson

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