I’m always keeping my eyes out for neat applications that can help with online business and life in general – today I think I’ve my new favorite: Talky.

I immediately thought about the others we all know:

  • Google Hangouts
  • WebEx
  • Skype

Overall these are kind of clunky or require accounts.

What caught my attention with Talky was that you can be up and running with a group chat in mere seconds without any account or even having to provide some kind of handle so you can remain anonymous during the conversation.

Type in the name of your room and…

Ready to roll…

There are some neat features about creating these rooms:

  • You can add up to 5 others
  • It allows for screen sharing
  • You can lock down rooms for privacy
  • You invite people with a very easy-to-use short link
  • There’s even a little rocket ship game you can play while waiting around

Okay so why this?

But this is what got me excited about it: it’s fool-proof.

Grandma isn’t going to have some big fuss about this service. As long as she has a camera and microphone she can get to chatting with you and other family members without having to individually install programs like Skype or go through the hassle of creating online accounts for everyone.

This ease of use also translates to:

  • Being able to create quick group chats for your business
  • Handling customer requests in bulk
  • Sales pitches to interested parties
  • A fun way to hang with friends
  • Coaching small groups of clients

There are tons of video conferencing apps and services out there. It’s nice to see one what makes it so incredibly easy and done so through the browser. It’s definitely worth giving a try.