Helishopter is a new shopping list platform that adds a social layer to your online commerce. I decided to take a look into the new platform and see how it can add to your bottom line in affiliate marketing – along with the general appeal when it comes to the gift giving season.

Getting Started with Helishopter

Helishopter makes the sign up process simple through the use of Facebook connect.

The usual elements of a profile are there; Helishopter pulls most of your data for you but you’ll need to add fields like age, sex, location, and a blurb about yourself.

Once you’re on, you’ll see a basic page but go ahead and jump over to the home page to get a better glance at what Helishopter is all about.

The home page is simple enough; we get to see what other people are adding to their shopping list. Think of it, in some way, as a minimal version of Pinterest but you get to earn money from the products you’ve linked.

There are also some pretty cool features in the platform that I’m going to get into, now …

So, What’s Helishopter All About?

The core idea behind Helishopter is to create a social layer to ecommerce, tidy up product listings on websites, and help businesses gain exposure to their products and brand.

The main appeal is through the use of shopping lists. These lists are easily assembled through adding product links and categorization. Afterward, you’re free to share and even embed your list onto your affiliate website.

Creating a Shopping List

I went ahead and tested this feature by creating a small list of DJ equipment (it’s a hobby of mine).

Using the ‘Add New’ button, I pulled the url from Amazon for a few DJ products.

Once Helishopter pulls the data, you can begin to organize them under categories (I went with “DJ Equipment”) and also share if you should buy it, want it, or have it; you can also write a small blurb about each item you add.

Once the list was complete, I wanted to see how well it could integrate onto websites (such as an affiliate blog) to compare the differences between linking Amazon products with linked pictures or anchor links vs. what Helichopter has to offer.

From within your dashboard, you can choose to share your shopping list.

There are a few options such as sharing the list on Facebook and Twitter but what appeals most to affiliate marketing is that you can easily embed these lists, on your blog, without needing to understand the heavy, technical side.

So, how does it look? Here, play around with it:

(In case this doesn’t load, you can see it in action: here on the Helishopter blog)

DJ Equipment by Murray Lunn at helishopter.com, the social shopping list.

As you can see (hopefully), it adds a really nice design touch to your list. Unlike Amazon AStores which can be quite ugly and clunky, this keeps it very simple.

In terms of conversions; I feel that this will have a great effect on earning you additional revenue through Amazon. The ability to embed the list in this stylish manner should give you option of adding a product and resources page to your affiliate websites but without the clunkiness of continually updating and modifying the data if you’re hard encoding the product links.

Using Helishopter for Affiliate Marketing

You’ve seen how to get things setup and how to get started but you’re probably asking what uses and reason why you should bother with Helishopter.

Although the platform is still developing, here are a few immediate opportunities in your own affiliate marketing campaigns:

  • Collage/Lists – You can easily copy links into Helishopter to create collages and lists that can be dynamically updated (time saver!) that also has an attractive design – this would work wonders for affiliate marketers promoting books, movies, fashion, and more.
  • Share to Facebook – Helishopter will update your Facebook feed (if you’ve turned the feature on) and populate your timeline with the newest items; this could increase your affiliate sales if you’ve linked your business page.
  • Social Sharing Buttons – There are ‘Do I Want?’, ‘I Want’, and ‘I Have’; this is a neat feature that can get people engaged with your list.
  • Store Share Buttons – Helishopter has also added an embedded social sharing button for online stores that gives the same features listed above; once shared, the participants response gets posted up on their Facebook wall that gives you additional awareness to your store.

Any affiliate marketer that uses Amazon Associates can tell you how annoying the platform can be when there are major price changes or if the item is discontinued. Additionally, there is no inherent social element with Amazon product listings compared to what’s built into Helishopter.

I believe that this new social platform can be a great way to easily keep your affiliate links frequently updated through the Amazon API and backend software – you’re saving yourself a lot of time and adding a really attractive way for visitors to view your recommended products.


In all, it’s hard to say how much of an impact Helishopter will have on your affiliate business at this time because it’s only just launched. However, the features already within the platform are a breath of fresh air when it comes to affiliate products and creating engagement with your visitors.

Verdict? Check it out. The platform is free, easy-to-use, and can have a lot of potential for your affiliate marketing. Try it out on a few niche sites or add a new section of your main blog for resources – it’s definitely worth a go.