The Olympic games are coming and much of the world is excited. Actually, NBC is probably the most excited of all, as they have been going crazy trying to get as much coverage as possible for the event. There is no doubt that they will be cashing in big time with all of the viewers and paid advertising through their commercials.

However NBC isn’t the only one that will be making a lot of money off the Olympics this time around. Thanks to the power of internet marketers and die hard affiliates, anyone can start making money if they put the time and effort into it.

The Summer Olympics begins Friday, July 27, 2012, and ends Sunday, August 12, 2012. This means you have plenty of time to get started and run through a lot of ad campaigns and testing in the process.

Let’s break down a few ways that you can start making money off the Olympics craze this summer.

Promote London Olympics Based Affiliate Offers

First thing first, head over to your favorite affiliate offer comparison site, such as and do a quick search for “london olympics”. You will get a few results, but I am sure there are plenty of other ones out there.

As you can see in the screenshot below AdWork Media and Matomy Market both have affiliate offers based around the London Olympics. Even though most of the offers listed here are for NON-US traffic, this is just a reminder how “world wide” the Olympics reach is.

Create Your Own Olympics Offers and Landing Pages

So what happens when you look for an affiliate offer for the Olympics but you can find an email submit you like or don’t want to push mobile offers? Do the next best thing… which is creating your own landing pages and lead generation funnel!

For more examples on how to create your own landing pages and offers, check out this post on PPV advertising. You don’t need to create your own offers, but you can make landing pages that are as simple as “Will the US Dream Team Win It All? Answer Now and Win a Free Gift Card!“.

This concept is nothing new, but it still works extremely well! I threw together the image below in about a minute using Skitch. This is purely for the sake of example and showing you what many affiliate marketers have been doing for years to promote zip/email submit offers, yet targeting other interests and topics to gain attention.

Everything Else London Olympics and More…

There is going to be so much coverage on the Olympics that it’s going to be ridiculous. Whatever you can think of, it will be searched for online, watched on TV and probably marketed as well.

Olympics merchandise is always a hot product, but unless you are getting a ton of viral traffic or creating the products yourself, it will be tough to make it financially worth it for you to promote. In addition to merchandise, there are also plenty of sports related affiliate programs you can push as well. If you already have a source of traffic from people looking for Olympics sports scores and standings, try throwing some relevant sports advertising at them as well.

Also don’t forget about the power of the social networks during the Olympics. You can create Fan Pages to cover the Olympics or build targeted ad campaigns to target different countries and fans of the sports.

No matter what route you take for making money with the Olympics in the coming months, it’s all about being creative and grabbing the users interests and getting them to take action.

This post was written by Zac Johnson

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