Every business, be it virtual or not, needs new and existing customers in order to not only advance their bottom line, but also to keep growing and getting better. It can be intimidating for some to find new and innovative ways of bringing in new clients. Don’t fear – I’ve compiled five easy ways to grab the attention of new customers and help make them repeat ones.

1. Referrals: New clientele are virtually right in your own backyard. Examine the clients that you presently have and seek out whom they think would be in need of the services or products that you offer. Your current customers are your most loyal and, chances are, their friends and colleagues will be just as steadfast to see how you and your business can help them reach farther towards their goals.

2. Networking: If going to trade shows and events isn’t presently on your agenda, it needs to be. These types of gatherings are crucial to rubbing elbows with like-minded people in your business’s genre and introducing yourself to potential clientele. Networking affords you and your empire the chance to hand out business cards, put a face to names, and generate new leads and ideas for your business to continually grow.

3. Website Visitors: Every visitor to your company’s website should be looked at as a new potential customer and lead. If your website is dull, boring, and lacks easy navigation then you run the risk of those everyday lookers to go elsewhere to meet their needs. Contrive a site that on-lookers want to stay and explore, have a clearly defined contact form so that when it comes time to turn those visitors into customers, they’ll know right where to go to get more information on what you and your business can offer them.

4. Cold Calling: This area isn’t dead by any means. Cold calling is still alive and a fantastic way for you to bring in new clients. The trick with cold calling new leads is to devise an enticing script so to hold the caller’s attention and get them to ask questions and participate in the conversation about what it is you’re offering and how it can help advance their business’s needs. You can compile your cold calling lists by simply browsing websites, scanning the phone book, using your social media resources, and calling those you met at networking events.

5. Scope Out Your Competitors: Track their whereabouts and pay close attention to where they’re advertising, what events they’re attending or speaking at, and in what areas they are pulling in the most clients. Don’t copy them, per se, but instead learn from them. Figure out how they’re gaining their clientele and utilize similar strategies for your business.

  • Your main focus when it comes to generating leads of new clients is to remain positive and confident in your business and its product. New customers are everywhere and its part of your repertoire as a business owner to seek those like-minded people out and get them turned on to how you and your business can help them.

About the author: Danielle is a freelance blogger and editor specializing in social media, small businesses, and entrepreneurial topics. To learn more about Danielle, please visit her website at www.PenPointEditorial.com.