There are many tools, resources, and software which give you an inside glimpse into which ads are actually performing in a real world environment which all can be used when you too plan to promote an affiliate offer.

Throughout this article, you’ll learn the underlying process that goes into the research and development of choosing a great offer to promote – but not with guess work – with cold, hard data.

The R&D of Affiliate Marketing: Demystified

Taking the guess work out of the research and development of promoting an affiliate offer will ultimately save you a great deal of time, money, and resources. Here is a breakdown of some of the strategies you can employ to get to the bottom of your demographics:

User Demographics

Quantcast is a remarkable tool for understanding the user demographics of a particular website. It tracks data and displays a handy table of users that frequent the website including parameters such as age, income, family structure, education, and ethnicity.

In terms of affiliate research, this gives you a wide glimpse into your true audience visiting when you run a query on your site. You’ll be able to accurately tone your ad copy toward the main group, ensuring that you speak to the specific individual that makes up the majority of your visitors through laser focused copywriting.

PlentyOfFish Ads (POF) has a reported 2 million active users each day. What sets POF apart, in terms of affiliate research, is that their advertising platform is relaxed and will allow most affiliate marketing versus other major social networks.

During your research, you’ll be able to discover internal information about the key demographics you’ve found in the previous exercise (above). You can focus toward a person’s interest and much more which gives you incredible control over the focus of your advertising. Additionally, you can use the platform to run small scale tests which gives you real-world data (without the heavy costs of Adwords and other PPC advertising platforms).

Facebook Advertising

Of course, the largest network worthy of your research time would be Facebook ads. Facebook has over 500+ million users that share all kinds of valuable information you can use in your R&D phase.

You can use the ad network to call out specific items that interest a person down to what movies they enjoy and their favorite activities. There is also the ability to optimize your offers based on location!

Google Keyword Search

We’ve been over this tool a million times but it’s still worth the mention. The Google keyword tool will give you an inside glimpse into the exact search phrases and keywords people use to find products, services, and information with the search engine.

You can use the data you’ve mined, from the tool, to create ad copy that utilizes these high-traffic keywords and phrases such as in the headline, body, and even the call-to-action.

The extra hour you spend doing your affiliate offer research could save you hundreds of hours of time and a lot more money from being wasted – what do you do when researching your demographics?