Affiliate Marketing is mostly hands-off in the sense that once you’ve sent an individual to the sales page and they make the purchase the customer service is now on the product/service provider.

However, adding a phone number and providing customer service is a small touch that adds to your credibility, helpfulness, and can lead to conversions.

You could just use a separate landline or cell number but if you want to present your work as professional then it may be worth your while to invest in a 1-800 or vanity number (such as 1-800-Traffic-Gen as a basic example).

The process of obtaining a vanity phone number is surprisingly easy and in this post I’ll take you through those steps to gain all those little benefits.

Setting up a Vanity Phone Number

The big thing to consider about vanity numbers are that they become easy to remember and they work in favor of your brand. People will naturally associate your business as a leader in the marketplace whenever that keyword or phrase comes to mind by associating great customer service with a vanity phone number.

Another major benefit is that you could then use that professional looking number in a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns. People seeing an ad with a normal phone number may be off-put but if it looks and sounds like a business number they feel safe.

The number could be used on billboards, direct mail, included in email, and all other areas where contact information is viable. Get them on the phone, make a connection, and you’ll have an easier time at converting them versus letting them make up their mind just by reading copy or watching a video (it adds personality and commitment).

So, here is how you can go about getting one for your Affiliate Marketing business:

1. Google Voice allows you to setup a number which works as an in-between to your phone; it’s helpful in business because you can use this new number for call tracking, voicemail, and, of course, a vanity number if you decide to upgrade.

2. You can contact your local phone or cell phone provider and inquire about vanity numbers. These costs are dependent upon your area and provider but would be very easy to do since they will do the work for you while you’re on the call.

3. Services are readily available to purchase vanity numbers or go through these services which will help you set one up by working with the main phone carriers.,,, and are all great places to start your search (with Grasshopper appearing to be the leader in the industry at this time).

Generally these services also come with other little benefits including:

  • The ability to create directories (in case you have different departments)
  • Setup multiple extensions under the number
  • Have the number show up in the caller ID
  • Call forwarding, screening, and holding

My choice would have to be either Google Voice (since it’s likely you’re already using at least one Google service) or Grasshopper because they have many features for a great price.

Once you have that number ready it’s just a matter of updating your contact information on the channels associated with your Affiliate Marketing business. From then on you are good to go. Enjoy those little bonuses for being a professional!


Image by Geralt