Commission Junction is a popular affiliate network that serves as a one-stop shop for online marketers. Often referred to as the CJ network, this large affiliate broker connects thousands of affiliate marketers with a huge selection of online retailers and products. With so many participating merchants, Web publishers are sure to find a great selection of products and services to promote on their websites.

In order to succeed with CJ, you need to understand how to best use the affiliate network to your advantage. Becoming a successful affiliate requires more than simply signing up and adding links to your website. You need to make a concerted effort to promote products that appeal to your users, expand your audience, and draw interested customers to your website.

Joining Commission Junction

Joining the CJ network is a relatively easy process. Simply fill out the online application form and wait to be approved. Once your account has been confirmed, you can begin browsing the available products and services. In order to create links and add them to your website, you also have to complete a separate application for the individual affiliate programs that make up the CJ network.

Selecting Products to Promote

With so many products available on CJ, finding the right ones for your marketing needs can be a difficult task. The key to successfully selling products and services on the Web is to carefully choose those that match the needs and interest of your target audience. For example, if your website is devoted to outdoor sports and activities, products such as camping gear, outdoor apparel and sporting equipment would be a good match for your site.

But success sometimes requires more than simply choosing topically themed products. In some cases, you need to really consider very specific information about your potential customers. Spend some time researching your core demographic to determine what kinds of products resonate with this particular group. Once you have identified a number of key characteristics, you will be better able to serve their needs, choose appealing products and achieve online sales success.

Drawing in Customers with Unique Web Content

In order to make the most of Commission Junction, you need to do more than just add links randomly to your website. Most successful CJ affiliates have found that creating unique content that is related to specific offers is the best way to draw in traffic and sell products. For example, if you are promoting a specific brand of outdoor clothing, you might want to consider writing product reviews, tutorials, or general articles related to that specific item. While specific content is usually ideal, general how-to articles on a subject are another great way to motivate users to visit your site and make a purchase. No matter what approach you choose, always remember that unique content is the key to achieving quality Web traffic and significant sales as an affiliate marketer.

Tracking Your Results and Success

Once you’ve joined programs on the CJ network, selected products, created affiliate links and written unique Web content, it is time to track the results of efforts. Commission Junction allows affiliates to track their numbers using sales metrics and reports, so you can easily determine which items are selling well and which ones are not. If an item is not performing up to expectations, consider replacing it with a more appealing and higher converting affiliate offer.

Commission Junction is an excellent resource for affiliate marketers. With a little work and planning, even small websites can achieve significant results. In order to make the most of CJ, choose your products wisely, know your audience, create great marketing content, and monitor the results of your promotional efforts.