The adoption of the mobile web and applications has exploded within the last year; from it, there have been many success stories from app developers but what if you’re not the type to write code?

Is there still money in the app market if you’re an affiliate marketer?

Certainly …

In a post about affiliate marketing through apps, Carter, the author of the post, revealed a system to monetize apps and the mobile web as a viable form of revenue.

Taking a deeper look into the push toward mobile, we’d like to share a few different ways to capitalize on the app markets (without needing to be too technical).

Website Transformation

Big name bloggers like Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome and Steve Scott of SteveScottSite are great examples of transforming their existing website into a standalone app. Their apps highlight their best blog posts (often, the ones that convert well) and have other opportunities for these two individuals to build their list, brand, and income.

How do you do it? Simple, seek out an app developer on a marketplace like Elance. Once you’ve found your developer, compile a list of your best content and resources. Ensure the main articles you’re pushing have some form of affiliate monetization. Additionally, create incentive for people to install the app by publishing exclusive content to the platform (as opposed to them simply viewing your mobile site).

Make a Marketplace

Apps that focus highly on engaging users with content presents the perfect opportunity to generate affiliate income; that’s one of the driving models behind the many apps that make up the coupon niche.

There are tools such as Popshops that allow you to automatically pull feeds that are linked to affiliate accounts. Within an app that uses a lot of content, there is also room to make a marketplace for the product recommendations.

For example: Consider creating an app that is highly valuable to people that want to accomplish something such as losing weight. There could be a main section that shares weight loss tips and articles but also have a shop with recommended weight loss products and equipment – all of which can be shared through affiliate links.

Pay for Placement

Why not go the traditional route and buy up a small app development business?

Sure, it may be out of your budget range but it’s still there for the taking. There are thousands of small startups and individuals trying to make their way onto the app market. You could step in to provide the much needed funds to complete their projects (and a cut of the revenue, of course).

An alternative would be to buy placement within existing apps. Like advertising, you could seek out apps that fill your niche and contact the developers where you would pay to have your affiliate link placed within the content of the app.

A Rather Untapped Market

Each passing day introduces new smart phones to the market and with them come a slew of new users that find themselves addicted to downloading apps. The market is still relatively untapped and very viable for your entry into even the largest niche categories.

This article merely touches the surface of what’s possible when you combine affiliate marketing and app development. Many techniques do require you to invest toward app development but there are many great tools and able-body freelancers that can handle the job.

Want to start another source of income through phone apps? Go the route of least resistance: by porting your blog into the marketplace. From there, explore all that’s offered, make mistakes, and build toward your success.