E-books are books that you download and read exclusively on your computer. Marketing e-books is fast becoming the newest way to rake in big bucks with your website. E-book marketing is easy and quick if you possess even the smallest amount of Internet savvy. E-book marketing can be the key to generating an additional stream of income.

The key to great e-book affiliate marketing is to realize the audience your speaking to. Examine the e-book you want to promote and decide who will read it most. Is it a book on picky eating habits of toddlers? Does it discuss the house training of puppies? Next take into consideration your website and the content it usually displays. Do the two match or at least compliment one another? This is important to the financial success of your e-book affiliate program. If your website focuses on beauty tips and advice then the visitors you get would not be interested in buying an e-book about landscaping. But a book about getting firm, tight skin without any surgery would do well.

Consider writing your own promotional material about the e-book. If you found a book useful be sure to give personal experience using strong key-word dense prose. Using prominent and popular keywords helps search engines find your website and the e-book its promoting. Traffic to your website is an important part of the marketing of the e-book. It may also be useful to blog about your discovery and create links within your blog. This strategy will also heal generate traffic from the search engines.

Take advantage of all the tools that the e-book affiliate program provides. Many will make available sales tools as well as commission and traffic reports. These make it easier to find out what exactly is working for you and allow you to streamline your marketing to what is bringing in the money.

Other free and cost effective things to try are newsletters. These you can write yourself and use to let your customers know when you’ve made changes to your site, added new e-books or have something to give away.

The most important thing to remember is that it takes time to learn the business well. Nothing is perfect the first time and you will make mistakes. The key is to learn from them and re-vamp to make your e-book affiliate sales better every month.