Lead generation is still a relatively young industry, but it has quickly grown into a competitive segment of affiliate marketing. Whether it is dating, software or online education lead gen, affiliates like the offers and the CPL and CPA commission models that come with it.

The greatest challenge, however, is not necessarily just generating a high volume of traffic, but it is also the ability to refer quality leads and finding new channels for attaining them. If you are already a lead gen affiliate, or are thinking about exploring this segment of affiliate marketing, here are four ways you can increase your lead acquisition for your campaigns.

Adding Social Media

Many people extol the virtues of using social media for lead acquisition. If you are focused on B2B leads then LinkedIn is a great channel. However, if your goal is to concentrate on more B2C leads, then you may be better off using Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks that are more customer-focused.  Twitter only allows 140 characters, so it is great for showcasing more short exclusive and time-sensitive offers. The earlier the post appears during the day, the better the opportunity for it to be shared with others and become viral. Additionally, Facebook’s Timeline offers the great opportunity to be interactive with potential customers, as you can add more visuals to showcase your brand and the offers that you promote. Regardless of the channel used, dedicating a generous amount of time to key social media networks is a fantastic way to funnel in potential customers before marketing to them with your landing page and merchant offer.

Optimized Landing Pages

If you have used social media or some other lead acquisition channel to attract potential consumers, it is a must to lead that traffic to an eye-catching landing page. Any affiliate involved in lead gen can experiment with incorporating optimized landing pages for their offers to help increase click conversions. The more closely matched the appearance of your web page to the landing page for the merchant offer, the more likely you encourage your visitors to fill out a lead form with their information. Some affiliates like to use iframing to promote offers and succeed very well with this method. This may not be the magical recipe for everyone, and you should definitely ask your affiliate manager whether or not this is permissible. However, it is one thing to attract visitors; it is another thing to actually get them to fill out a form for a merchant offer. By optimizing your landing pages with as much customized info that matches your offer and simultaneously appeals to your audience, you increase your chances of increasing conversions.

Combining Blogging and Banner Ads

Combining both blog content and a banner or some other image enhances your opportunity to raise your SEO value and visibility on search engines. When used properly, blogging can be one of the most effective search engine marketing methods for increasing visibility of your offer and website. Higher search engine visibility means you will create more awareness among potential leads for your offer using the right keywords in your blog content. To attract more leads, it is recommended that you use the most relevant keywords in your post, and ensure that the words and phrases appear throughout, but refrain from keyword stuffing. Make sure your post has the appropriate anchor texts. Keep in mind that lengthy blog posts may not be as attractive as shorter blog posts. Additionally, attempt to complement your blogging and incorporation of keywords for SEO by adding an image to your post. The image should be as relevant to your content as possible. The image should include the necessary SEO component (alt tags) so that the image attracts users via search engines.


One last channel idea that can be used to increase the number of leads you acquire is by asking your audience to refer your offer to their friends. Asking for referrals is a tried-and-true method of generating more new business from contacts. We have also seen those anchor texts in newsletters, on websites and the like with call to action in the form of “forward to a friend” or “refer a friend.” While a lead may require some time before it can be validated for a particular offer that does not mean that this sales process is done. While you have your potential customer’s attention, use that time to receive a referral to other lead sources in the process via an email, co-registration or social media campaign.

Lead gen is a particularly comprehensive segment of affiliate marketing. While it is enticing to get into lead gen because of its excellent promotional and paying potential, affiliates new to the industry will soon find out that quality is much more important to aggregators and merchants looking for this type of acquisition.

About the Author

Nicole Young is an affiliate manager at Share Results and oversees the growth of lead gen and other programs, negotiates deals, blogs, assists affiliates with the development of their marketing campaigns, and stays up-to-date with industry news and trends!