Legacy Learning Systems, and its brand ‘Learn & Master’, provide award winning music and hobby learning series.

With brand trust and premium products, the Legacy Learning Systems catalog is a great opportunity for affiliate marketers seeking a tried and tested product worthy of their time and effort.

Legacy Learning Systems: The Overview

Let’s get straight to whether this program is right for you.

Here are the stats:

Program Stats

  • 20% base commission
  • $43 average commission per sale
  • Lifetime tracking cookie
  • Pay-per-call tracking
  • High reputation and affiliate standards

The program is handled in-house and through ShareASale.

Products Offered

Stemming from their award winning Gibson’s Learn & Master guitar, Legacy Learning Systems has branched into many other musical instruments including:

  • Blues guitar
  • Guitar setup & maintenance
  • Song hits
  • Piano
  • Drums
  • Painting
  • Ballroom Dance
  • Photography

Programs are often packaged with DVD-based video instruction, printed materials, CDs of high resolution images, professional instruction, online community and support, along with a 60 day guarantee. This combination of training and resources instantly screams “premium!” in comparison to amateur creations found on many affiliate networks related to the topics.


On the front-end, Legacy Learning Systems handle their customers with care with full transparency. On the back-end, affiliates are taken care of and can even earn incentives for their time and effort in promoting the program and products.

Legacy Learning Systems: In Review

In a market saturated by the likes of YouTube and websites offering free tutorials on the same subjects covered in the products, how does Legacy Learning Systems catalog stand up in worthiness for your time and effort?

The Good

  • Full, detailed tutorials and resources for each product which makes for an easy sale
  • 20% base commissions
  • Incentives for top performers

The Bad

  • The company was hit with a $250,000 fine for having affiliates promote their products through fake reviews (source)
  • YouTube and other video sharing websites offer thousands of detailed tutorials which makes selling the premium end far tougher than before
  • The market for these products is highly saturated by affiliate marketers (beyond the free videos readily found online)

The Bottom Line

The Learn & Master series are some of the most well respected, award-winning products on the market for their respective topics. The affiliate program provides you with a unique set of tools and great opportunity for earnings (especially with the $43 average commission and lifetime cookie). In all, if you’re seeking a well-rounded program to promote music and hobby products than look no further.

Our Verdict: 4 out of 5

Legacy Learning Systems had a run-in with the FTC but they’ve reworked their angle and have set a high standard for their affiliates (which weeds out the bad apples). Overall, this program packs a punch.