It’s been some time since we’ve done a round-up of WordPress plugins and a lot has changed around the Web since its publication.

Many new social platforms have matured and introduced a wide array of features that give you new strategies for your affiliate marketing. Likewise, the new additions have increased the ability to connect with your audience and build a brand.

Designers and developers have stepped up their commitment to introducing these features to the WordPress platform, through plugins, so we’re doing a quick high-light of those which have found our attention in recent time.

These are the new plugins that will give your WordPress site a little extra social oomph.

QuForm Form Builder

Gathering feedback is an essential part of increasing the community experience. The basic WordPress forms are very basic in nature but with QuForm you can customize yours with multiple fields including the ability to upload files, checkboxes, dropdown menus, and more.

WordPress Social Stream

Some people follow your site through social whereas others may find you through search engines. What better way to share everything you have to say than by integrating a section of your site that pulls from your social accounts from sources like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and many others. No doubt, the WordPress Social Stream plugin will help you gain social followers and give your site a ton of fresh content.

WordPress Live Chat

If you want to ensure the sale than you need to have options for leads to get in touch. Email is great and all but leads won’t know if you’ll be around for a quick answer. You could take your support to social media but if you’re trying to stay focused than you may have that closed out. The WordPress Live Chat plugin will let you embed a chat feature to your site, customize the skin, keep logs of the chat, and add in contact forms for when you’re away; if you give them the option for a quick chat than you could increase your sales by being helpful and responsive.

Social Locker

We’ve talked about the idea and implementation of “fan gates” in the past and now it appears that these have really begun to take off – and started looking real attractive. The concept of these social locker plugins is that your visitor needs to share or follow in order to gain access to the premium content. This layer of social interaction will quickly increase your reach and allow you to qualify the visitors coming through your content which will aid in the lead generation process.

Interactive World Maps

An odd one we wanted to add into the list is the Interactive World Maps plugin because this handy addition will allow you to add … well … interactive maps. Adding this type of feature can give you a fresh approach to sharing information especially if you’re trying to cover a large geographical region with region-specific content (such as a travel site or regional news source). The user can click through the map and find information that’s highly-relevant to their area which they should find highly valuable because it’s tailored to their taste.

Social Gallery WordPress Photo Viewer

The plugin name may be a mouthful but the concept is pretty simple and very recognizable: you can create galleries and have them display much like how they are done through Facebook. A visitor can click through the picture and have a familiar display like Facebook where they can leave comments and share the image. If your site uses a lot of graphics and galleries than this could be a good choice if you want to encourage a lot of interaction.

WP Easy Social Hover

Why does sharing images have to be so difficult? They don’t, actually. With this plugin your visitors can hover over an image which will then display a number of social sites where they can share the piece without forcing them to save it then turn around and post it on the social network – you’ll effectively remove the tedious process – and with it will come an easy way to spread your reach on social.

Instagram Photo & Video Gallery

Love shooting, editing, and sharing pictures and videos on Instagram? Then this is the plugin for you. This one will give you the ability to easily integrate all your Instagram shares in a gallery format so your visitors never miss a great photo or video.

Ditty RSS Ticker

Trying to run multiple blogs and want to integrate all your work in one location? Have a business community and want to share their news? Just want to keep things fresh between posts? The Ditty RSS Ticker is a great way to easily add and display RSS feeds into your website. We’d suggest making a page for industry news so people stay on your site longer.

WordPress Pinterest Feed

If you’ve got a lot to share or want to add some good, visual flare to your website than you can begin importing your Pinterest shares through this handy plugin. All that’s really required is a Pinterest account (of course) and then linking it through the plugin and utilizing a shortcode on a page to start getting your shares displayed. The plugin is a great way to add in some extra social fun to your website especially if you’re loving Pinterest.

Now might be the time to ditch some of those older WordPress plugins in exchange for something new; you may not want to go through the hassle but it’s well worth it when you consider the addition of features of the newer ones hitting the Web – they’ll certainly give you that extra oomph.