There are plenty of great business leaders that will tell you to leave the emotion at the door and sell a product that’s in demand. This common form of business takes a mechanical approach with calculated actions and risks; they also happen to be some of the most profitable in their respective industries.

But what if you loathe the thought of promoting products and services you absolutely hate (even if they’re very lucrative and profitable)?

It’s not for everyone but building a business focused around a passion is extremely satisfying and may present opportunity on the same level as one that has been meticulously calculated and refined.

Question: What Drives You?

We all have an internal drive that keeps us moving toward the future.

Unfortunately, it’s very rare to see an individual doing what they love in order to survive.

They take on a job (or career) that’s not entirely satisfying even if it pays well and allows them additional creature comforts to make life easier and somewhat enjoyable. This common position drains motivation and energy.

What drives you?

What gets you excited, motivated, joyous?

It almost certainly comes down to your hobbies, loved ones, and exploration.

We all want to spend our time working on projects that bring us joy, we all want to be around the people we love, and we want to explore the world and discover its wonders.

So why not build a business around these very same items?

Discovering Business Potential in the Most Obvious of Places

Business comes down to two factors:

  • Who’s the customer
  • What are they buying

The advent of the Web shattered the limitations for business because it gave each and every individual with a product or service the proper platform for getting found. Easy-to-use technologies have sprung up that closes the technological gap in eCommerce, information delivery, and business management.

Perhaps the greatest result of the Web has come through the notion that if there’s product, there’s a buyer.

It’s not common that you find someone selling dirt, online, but there’s been quite a few successful ventures out there, for example.

Here’s the thing: if you have passion and understanding than you can build a business.

Perhaps the best way to explain this would be through example:

  • The geeky kid building websites in their free time then turning it into a design business
  • The retired survivalist that wants to hold local workshops for interested parties
  • The comic book collector that starts an ecommerce portal

There are an endless number of stories like these.

They may not get all the buzz and excitement such as that you’d find with Apple, Amazon, or Google, but they’re out there making it happen.

One step further …

Consider your hobbies.

Whether you’re just getting a start or a veteran on the topic – you have more than enough information to begin forming a business around your interest – especially when paired with affiliate marketing.

If you can explain how to get started, in your hobby, than you already know enough to do necessary research to bring your understanding to a highly sought-after level. You slowly become the expert through your knowledge of your hobby and since there are always new people to join the interest and activities – you could be the one supplies the necessary products and resources.

The Simplest Transition from Passion to Business

The greatest benefit of using affiliate marketing, as the main source of income, stems from the fact that it requires very little effort to get started.

If you were given a blueprint for turning your passion into a business, it would be this:

1. Collect and note all of your knowledge about a topic

2. Find the websites and competitors who are authorities on the topic

3. Setup a website

4. Apply and source affiliate products for your niche (resources, physical items, services)

5. Use your knowledge to build a community based on content, networking, and social media

Topic, in this sense, could be your hobby, a particular skill, or general interest.

No doubt, there are products and services offered for your interests whether its information products sold through Clickbank or physical products done through

All you truly need to do is setup an online presence and begin sharing your expertise about the things you love. Combine a bit of marketing, promotion, and community building, and you’ll begin to form a viable business venture based on your passion.

You may not bring in immense fortunes compared to businesses listed on the Fortune 500 but you’ll surely enjoy the time you spend with the project.

There’s the romantic way of thinking along these lines which goes “Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day” but it’s still work – you’ll need to commit – but in the end it will be far more rewarding, to your person, than working a dead-end job which lacks enjoyment.