Your affiliate business is only as good as the products you promote.

Strip aside the fancy graphics, compelling copywriting, joint venture ships, and campaigns – what you’re left with is the quest to promote valuable products to your audience. Failure to identify with your audience and offer products that fit their needs is the worst mistake you can make in affiliate marketing.

However, not everything is on your shoulders. Simply put, many affiliate networks don’t offer you a great selection of products and services worth promoting whether because it’s a strange market or if the marketplace is saturated with bogus claims.

I’ve been given the task of exploring one of the hottest affiliate networks on the web: Peerfly.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to Peerfly, its benefits and features, and how you too can get on board this rising star in the affiliate world.

What is Peerfly?

What makes an affiliate network worth your time and resources?

Reputation, in my books. Products, second. The offers you find on most affiliate networks are few and far between but what makes a company, like Peerfly, worthy of your time is their involvement and loyalty to their affiliates.

In just a few years, Peerfly has been able to claim top honors from OfferVault and made their way to the top of the list on PerformInsider – two, well-trusted affiliate marketing resources. Their representation at major affiliate events such as Affiliate Summit (East & West) has gained them much attention from the affiliate marketing community.

What exactly is going on at Peerfly?

  • An up-and-rising Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Network
  • Thousands of publishers to choose from (like eBay, Discover, GameFly, and more)
  • Flexible payment options set on your own terms and preferred delivery method
  • 8 – 15% network conversion rate
  • Mobile stats and tracking on your cell phone
  • 5% earnings on affiliates you refer to the network (two-tiered marketing!)
  • Small but dedicated affiliate team (and managers)

Compared to other affiliate networks – Peerfly is a clear winner in their conversion rates and affiliate product offerings. The referral network sounds extremely tempting, as well.

If this is sounding good for you then follow through to the next step which goes over what you can expect when applying to the network.

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Get Started with Peerfly

Peerfly has a great support system and recommendations for affiliate offers in the event you don’t know where to start.

The application process requires a great deal of information about your business, tax information, and the websites you’d be running affiliate offers. The longest wait is the approval of your application; Peerfly is receiving a lot of attention to get your account setup now because you’ll need to wait at least 2 – 4 weeks to get access to the affiliate offers.

In all, Peerfly is a very attractive affiliate marketplace; they’re an up-and-coming network that’s picking up major momentum and loyalty amongst their members.

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Does Peerfly sound good to you? Write your thoughts about the network in the comments below.