In the world of internet marketing, there are literally a million different ways that you can make money online. If you aren’t finding success with Facebook Ads or Plenty of Fish, you can jump to another method and see what works for you. One advertising method that has gained a lot of attention over the past few years, is PPV advertising. Through PPV advertising you can see amazing amount of volume being sent to your ad campaigns within minutes, while also being able to target users based on the web sites they visit.

This post will go into detail on how PPV advertising works, along with some of the top networks you can start buying traffic on, and the software that many affiliate are using to manage their ad campaigns.

What is PPV Advertising?

PPV advertising is nothing new, but the there has been massive interest lately as more and more affiliates are discovering new ways to make money with PPV networks and ad tracking solutions. “PPV” stands for “Pay Per View”… and is also known as “CPV” advertising. No matter what you call it, in the end it’s paying for traffic on a “cost per view” basis.

PPV advertising is a lot like search engine advertising, as in that you can bid on traffic based on what people are searching for. However, instead of just putting keywords in (which you can also do), you can place the actual URL of a web site that you want to target.

The majority of PPV advertising comes from software or toolbars that users have installed on their computers. These downloaded programs can be anything from browser tools, games or weather/gossip news program. At the time of installation, the user agrees to the terms and conditions, which includes allowing PPV ads to spawn in their browser. This is essentially how these downloads and toolbars make money. When someone (with a PPV driven software installed) visits a web site that you are bidding on, your landing page would then popup behind the browser.

Well Known PPV Ad Networks

When it comes to PPV advertising, there are plenty of networks to choose from. Just think about how many game and toolbar downloads you always see on the affiliate networks. In the end, most of these are driving millions of downloads, which then lead to ad networks serving PPV traffic through the user’s computers.

Below is a list of some of the most well known and used PPV networks currently being used.

  • Traffic Vance – One of the most sought after and successful PPV networks around, TrafficVance can push millions of impressions to your ad campaign in no time. With such popularity and traffic volume, Traffic Vance requires a minimum deposit of $1,000 to advertise across their network of sites. On top of the $1,000 deposit minimum, you will also need a referral from a current member. You affiliate network may be able to help you out with this process.
  • Leadimpact – Compared to Traffic Vance, Lead Impact is a first choice by many, as their don’t have the heavy $1,000 requirement, nor the required referral. LeadImpact is a great starting place for anyone who is new to PPV advertising, but wants to go with a quality ad network.
  • Direct CPV – Direct CPV has done a great job at advertising and branding their name across several well known internet marketing blogs and forums. DirectCPV also has low initial deposit amounts, while also offering traffic for less than a penny per view.
  • Media Traffic – For anyone looking to have support while setting up their ad campaigns and accounts, Media Traffic can help you along the way. While they don’t have the volume the ad networks above have, they offer less competition with competitive ad rates.
  • Adon Network – Like Media Traffic, Adon Network is a good choice for all PPV advertisers, as they have less traffic, but still a quality source for PPV traffic.

TrafficVance and LeadImpact are among the top players and favorite ad networks in the PPV space. Each will have their own signup minimums and requirements, so depending on your marketing skills and budget, be sure to take time and find the one that is right for you.

Recommended PPV Tracking Software

Just like there are plenty of PPV networks to choose from, there are also several solutions for PPV campaign management. Free free tracking solutions, to dedicated servers for heavy PPV ad buyers, the range in costs can vary heavily.

For the affiliate who is still learning the ropes, or simply doesn’t have the budget to spend money on a high end PPV tracking solution, there are always free tracking software such as Tracking202. Then you have advanced tracking solutions like CPVLab, which can handle some heavy volume ad campaigns, while also offering some amazing split testing, pixel conversion tracking and more.

PPV Training Courses and Forums

As you can tell from this PPV advertising guide so far, there is plenty to learn about PPV advertising. There are also plenty of guides and forums that can help you along the way. From free guides offered on web sites like PPVPlaybook, or information and case study packed forums like StackThatMoney, there is literally an endless supply of information, advice and help along the way. It’s up to you to put the time in the find the right learning source for you, along with one that matches your budget.

Get Started on Your PPV Journey

PPV advertising is an extremely powerful method of advertising. Just like how you can quickly blow through a budget on social advertising networks like Facebook Ads, you can do the same with PPV advertising if you aren’t careful. However, at the same time, with such a massive amount of traffic and amazing tracking solutions at hand, it may also be your advertising method of choice, where you go on to generate thousands upon thousands of dollars.

The best way to find out if PPV is for you, is to get started right now. Read through this PPV guide again and setup the necessary ad tracking solution, while also joining a few ppv networks. Like everything else in life, PPV will take time to learn, but it’s an amazing and profitable art to master.

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