Quizzes are hot again.

In my book they’re taking the place of infographics.


  • Are easy to make
  • Are easy to use
  • Are easy to share

Just take a look at some of these screenshots of the views for a handful of Buzzfeed quizzes:

Pretty impressive.

From an article titled “Why online quizzes are taking over your Facebook feed” on the NYPost there’s one particular golden nugget of information regarding the success behind Buzzfeed’s quizzes:

The trick to creating an addictive personality quiz is similar to the art of writing a good horoscope. It has to be broad and all-encompassing yet make people believe the answer applies to them personally. We know there’s little substance to them, and yet we can’t seem to stop taking them.

What makes these online quizzes so alluring is that they can be instantaneously shared with hundreds of friends on Facebook for instant feedback, says Denise Friedman, who teaches psychology at Roanoke College in Salem, Va.

So it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.

Now let’s see if we can do the same for our projects.

The Making of a Quiz

Remember the insight from the quote … make it personal.

By doing so you’re going to build intrigue from the get-go. It’ll also be something people are likely to share with their friends and family because they want to see how they stack up.

Once people start playing it should catch on if it’s an enjoyable experience. You may not be able to sell items directly through the quiz but you sure can use it for brand awareness and visibility. You could also use the results page to do a pitch like signing up for your email.

There are a few ways going about creating these quizzes.

For WP users and those willing to play around with code you could use these plugins and scripts:

Alternatively you could use one of these websites:

  • Blubbr – A site that lets you create video quizzes.
  • PlayBuzz – A site that lets you create Buzzfeed style quizzes.

Choose whatever you think is right for your purpose and ability.

Now I’d recommend you troll around Buzzfeed for a bit to see what they do with their quizzes. Take some notes on the topics. Read the comments to hear how people respond. Go around on your Facebook and see if others are doing quizzes.

Use your imagination and have some fun. Try getting some of the people in your community involved, too. It’s worth giving a test to see how quizzes work for your business so why not give it a try?