The 2012 NFL season is set to kick off on September 5th this year and is expected to be one of the biggest yet culminating with Super Bowl XLVII on February 3rd, 2013.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, football is a massive industry in the United States and continues to spread its influence to other countries. Those within the U.S. go crazy for this sport by hosting parties (or going to the games), buying up memorabilia, and anything that represents their team.

As an affiliate marketer that wants to ride this 2012 – 2013 football event, we present a variety of offers that will be the must-have items this football season.

Jersey’s and T’s

The quintessential item on any football fan’s list is a jersey or t-shirt to represent their love of the team or individual player. People will wear these items throughout the year (even outside of the football season) which means they’re willing to spend good money on high quality apparel.

Since there are many teams in the NFL, you’re not limited to a small group of rabid fans so huddle up, make a plan, and attack all fronts.

A great affiliate program to start with is directly through the official NFL shop which offers 7 – 10% commissions on sales. This program can be found here:

Suggestion: Create individual pieces of content for each type of jersey (even as far as individual players) or setup a simple shop that links through your affiliate cookie all-the-while mentioning the apparel throughout your website.


Yeah, NFL stadiums are beginning to be more elaborate and in-doors but the sun still shines in, people are waiting around, and want a simple way to represent their team – hats are the desired item.

Hats, for each team, may not earn you a high commission because these are low priced items but they’re an easy, non-resistant buy for anyone that cares about the sport. You’ll want to go for big traffic on these promotions to earn good coin.

You can earn up to 13% commissions when you sell hats and other apparel through, one of the leading football retailers. The affiliate program can be found here:

Suggestion: Have a section entirely devoted to hats including video people showing off their wears, what to look for, fun articles, and even give a viral piece a go to attract the football fanatic’s attention.

Football Equipment

Like New Year’s when everyone wants to lose a bit of weight, you’ll always have a die-hard group of individuals that want to get in the game outside of watching it on the tube and this means they’re laying down money for football equipment.

You’ll get guys and gals that want to do a bit of football during the game downtime; it’s a great community game that can easily get people together for a big party and unite the fans. Of course, football equipment isn’t cheap so big commissions are coming your way if you can convince people to take the plunge and get into the game.

Football memorabilia and other essential equipment pieces that people will bend over backwards to get the classic colors can be found through the affiliate program which rounds off at 12% commissions. This program can be found here:

Suggestion: Build a section solely for playing football including rules, game suggestions, equipment guides, places to play in the area, and clubs that people can join.

Big Screen TV’s and Party Items

I did mention that people are holding football parties during the season, right?

Every year this time rolls around, you have people rushing out to snag a great deal on big screen TV’s and party supplies to fuel their football addiction. Despite TV prices coming down, the size is going up which has people drooling to get a better image of the game.

There are easy, workable ways to integrate a TV promotion into your website when promoting football related affiliate products.

For TV’s and other party supplies, the good ol’ Amazon Associates program is one of the best due to the trust in the Amazon marketplace and upward of 15% commissions. You can get started here:

Suggestion: Piece together content/promotion around creating the ultimate football party including your recommendations for TV’s and party items.

Tailgating Equipment

Tailgating is about as essential to the American way as apple pie.

Those individuals that are die hard football fanatics spend hours prior to the game partying it up, having some beers, cooking up food, and representing their team from the comfort of their tailgate.

The art of the tailgate has evolved over the years with new products introduced to the market such as light weight grills, team banners, themed chairs, and much more. When you’re prepping for the football season, be sure to go after those die-hard fans that are willing to spend a few extra hundred bucks outside of the ticket prices.

Look no further than to take care of your tailgating equipment sales which has an average order of $110 – $125. You can find the program here:

Suggestion: Put together a list of the best tailgating items.

Online Bookies or Fantasy Leagues

There are definitely some legal repercussions to doing online gambling but it’s not slowing people down. I’d only recommend the online bookie approach for those outside of the legal restrictions imposed on the U.S. but getting into online gambling, through a bookie service, has its opportunities especially for those that want to let the money ride during the big games.

The safer side would be fantasy football which is much like gambling without the hard payment (and legal restrictions). Programs like Fantasy Football Commish and Hey Sports Fans are a great place to get started in this affiliate field which often pays 20% commissions on sales.

Suggestion: Introduce people into the various bookie services, how to get started, and what they’re able to win by participating.


This football season is going to be hot, without a doubt.

Football fans that want to represent their team are willing to spend a good paycheck for jersey’s, party supplies, TV’s, and other essential items to get the most out of the game despite it being just a partial amount of the time throughout the year – this means big commissions if you catch the trend.

What else would you recommend as affiliate offers during the football season?