In our last post, we talked about the basics of joining’s affiliate program, which is one of the most popular and successful ways to start making money online. is the exception, as many web sites will outsource their affiliate program management to affiliate networks, which can promote a lot of offers and web site’s affiliate programs, all within one network.

Let’s move our focus towards affiliate networks and why they are important to you.

Affiliate networks…

  • provide you with access to hundreds or even thousands of different offers.
  • handle all tracking, payment and processing of offers.
  • send out one big payment at the end of the billing period for all offers on their network.
  • offer full support and training on how to promote their offers.

While accepts almost anyone into their affiliate program, affiliate networks are not as accepting. The majority of affiliate networks will pre-screen new applicants, and require a call to verify all new signups to their networks, and many are looking for established affiliates who are already driving quality traffic.

But don’t get discouraged… there are hundreds of affiliate networks for you to choose from. You can sign up to the following list of affiliate networks, which have access to some of the largest brands in the world. The networks listed below are considered the majority contributors of volume in the affiliate marketing space. All affiliate networks are free to join, and if they aren’t, it’s not recommend that you join them.

Onc you are signed up with these networks, you can then start applying to individual offers and promotions within each network. Many of the partners on these sites will want to see a web site, or how you will be marketing their products, so make sure you have something in place before applying.

Getting back to affiliate networks, there are also plenty of smaller networks, which deal with bringing in quality offers and brands that the larger affiliate networks don’t have. These networks are also free to join, but as mentioned earlier, they are more strict on who they allow into their networks.

Top affiliate networks that you can sign up to are:

If you sign up to a network and don’t get approved, try contacting them directly or ask why you weren’t approved and what you can do to change that.