WordPress is, at its core, an incredible content management system built to be flexible and expansive; its base offering is more than enough to get started with a website that not only looks great but behaves in a modern-fashion.

The added benefit of the widespread adoption of WordPress is the seemingly endless array of WordPress plugins and features developers bring to the platform. You could quickly turn a WP installation into an ecommerce store with a flip of a switch or roll-out a membership site with just a few actions.

One category of WordPress plugins which should immediately pique your interest are the ones dedicated to improving conversions when building an email list.

The following are a cross sample of some of the best WP plugins aimed at list building – some free while others come at a cost – in all, if you want to beef up that subscriber count and you’re running on WordPress than you shouldn’t pass up these wonderful items:

#1: Hellobar

Hellobar is an easy-to-install plugin (WP and script) which allows you to display a small site stripe across the top of your web pages in an attempt to draw attention to your message. Hellobar starts with a free option which allows you to fiddle with the design, do A/B testing, and look at reports whereas the pro version offers the ability to setup RSS/Twitter feeds, save themes, have SSL support, and comes unbranded.

As for conversions: Hellobar does a great job when used to call-out specific updates to the website such as a product launch, recent blog post, or as a direct to an email list signup page.

#2: Popup Domination

Popup Domination is a plugin which gives your site the ability to create and utilize popups for list building purposes. The plugin comes packed with many great themes that are attractive to the eye so they’re effective in brining attention to your message. You can go the simple route of promoting your email list or really ramp it up by including product images for freebies upon sign up. The plugin, as you’d expect, does need you to have a subscription to one of the major email marketing providers but its wide support gives you plenty of options.

As for conversions: Those that have reviewed and implemented Popup Domination have seen incredible increases in their opt-in rates.

See our full review of Popup Domination.

#3: OptinSkin

OptinSkin aims to be the end-all, be-all of email list plugins. Developed by Glen Allsopp of ViperChill fame, the plugin comes packaged with a variety of default designs (and editor) for placing opt-in forms in key areas of your website. The plugin also has rich features such as the ability to fade in/out to draw attention from the reader, analytics for tracking, HTML & CSS support, and integration with all major email marketing services.

As for conversions: OptinSkin is one of the best opt-in form generators on the market due to its attractive design, flexibility in implementation, and analytical tools – a perfect match for those that want to avoid too much code and design work.

#4: Comment Redirect

Comment Redirect is a free plugin created by Joost de Valk (Yoast) that presents an alternate method of building an email list. The plugin automatically redirects those that have left a comment on your blog to a new page which you could set as an opt-in page; this unobtrusive method of list building can naturally funnel new visitors (that comment) into your list with ease.

As for conversions: Used properly, the Comment Redirect plugin can become a powerful element in your list building campaign especially since those that comment have signaled they want to participate with your message – so let your mind wander what’s possible once they’re active on your site …

#5: Subscriber Content Lock

Subscriber Content Lock is an inexpensive WP plugin that essentially places a “block” on your content which a visitor must submit their email before having full access. The plugin gives you snippets to create these lockers which can have major rewards especially if you utilize it in tandem with a content series or premium posts.

As for conversions: Since you’re using a fan gate on your pages you can take full advantage of a visitor’s quest for information; it’s a small barrier visitors won’t mind in order to get the value underneath.

Which WP plugins have you been using to improve your email list building? Share a comment with your answer, suggestions, or opinion in the comment-area below or strike up a conversation on our Facebook fan page!