Content is what brings people to your website when they’re doing a search. We all know this yet we continue to pass off the dirty work of writing and it often comes about because we’ve run out of ideas or we’ve hit a creative block.

The mind is an amazing piece of technology that’s constantly generating new ideas … if we take the time to tune in. Likewise, our external influences will peak our creativity in ways unimaginable which only need to be documented for future reference.

In this article, we’ll share five different ways to come up with content ideas through thought-provoking activities you may already do as part of your daily routine.

#1: “What If”

Take every situation and activity that you plan to do today and tack on “what if?” such as “what if I were to write a piece of content from the perspective of the opposite gender?” – yes, silly example but you should get the point.

The “what if” statement allows you to question everything and by doing so will begin to unlock your creative thinking and problem solving.

You could take a few of your older ideas, too, and rework them as if you chose a different direction in your explanation and detail.

#2: Tune In

Throw on one of your favorite movies or TV shows and either place yourself in the situation as one of the main characters or lift an idea that’s explained throughout the feature. We all sit down to watch a flick/show with some kind of thought process where we imagine ourselves in such situations so go ahead and take those thoughts and turn them into ideas for your website content! In fact, try up a few different genres (sci-fi, horror, action) and see what differences you can find due to the nature of the media content.

#3: Opposites

Take one of the biggest discussions you’ve found within your niche and take the opposing stance. You don’t have to completely agree with the opposite side of the story but it will certainly bring a few ideas to your noggin’ by changing your viewpoint.

In fact, you could go forward and publish a rebuttal and then dig through your content comments for new ideas based on the reactions your community has to the piece! This mode of thinking will help you break free from your mindset and conquer a passionate response especially if you know the opposite is absolutely incorrect.

#4: Futurism

Head on over to and begin browsing through the submissions which are all based around paintings, digital art, and wallpapers that depict the future; now place yourself in one of these landscapes. Your mind will begin to wander and think of what life would be like as if you lived within one of the depictions. Keep a pen & paper at hand while you star into these landscapes and you’ll begin to jot down ideas that are very far out there but could still be highly entertaining and engaging to your community since it’s something unlike they’ve ever heard.

#5: BIG Questions

High Existence has a post which shares 18 thought-provoking questions which are truly astounding and mind-blowing. Take your time to go through each and change a few of the words so they match your niche and content direction. Record each of your answers with a one or two sentence response, sit on it for a while, and then come back to see if it spurs any additional thought about the question which could become a piece of content. If this list isn’t your folly than do a few more searches for “thought-provoking questions” and you’ll have more than enough to get started.

Free Your Mind

An idea can spark from the most unlikely of places – it’s just a matter of staying attuned to your thoughts when they appear which allows you to come up with new pieces of content.

You don’t have to take these actions each time you set out to create but it’s a great way to cause a bit of disrupt which you may need if you’ve been in a creative block for some time.

Give it a try and see what you can come up with!

Your turn: what thought-provoking strategies do you use to come up with new ideas? Share with a comment below or come join the discussion on our Facebook page.