When first starting out affiliating, like many others, I made numerous amounts of small mistakes that ended up setting me back. In this article I will share some tips for beginners that will help you save time and overall make you more successful.


The first area I made mistakes in was designing my websites without Google in mind. By this I mean that I did not use any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques when I first created my sites. This caused a lot of problems and lead to a lot of time being spent fixing them later on. Here are some basic tips I could have used from the start:


  1. Use keywords that you are targeting in your Page title, Alt tags and Meta keywords. Make sure you are not over doing it and make sure it is user friendly.
  2. Use hyphens when creating subpages for your site. For example instead of domain.com/insidepage or domain.com/inside_page, it is more SEO and user friendly using domain.com/inside-page
  3. Interlink your pages when you are relating to a page within your site. Linking from one page to another page within your site when appropriate will add value to your pages.


SEO techniques are a very important part of affiliate marketing. These are just basic tips and I suggest studying more about SEO to help your site show up in Google and other search engines.


The second mistake I was making was with a different part of my web design. When creating my websites I did not have the visitor in mind. My sites were full of banners and low on actual content – putting it straight forward, they were ugly and not informative for the visitor. When creating your pages ask yourself – if you were a visitor at this site would you stay and read on or leave immediately?


Many beginner affiliate marketers tend to put together “spammy” looking sites that are not attractive to the visitors. You need to make sure you don’t overdue your site with flashy banners and cheesy sales pitches. Instead focus on things that visitors will find informative such as quality content and reviews. You want your visitors to be able to trust your site and believe the product you are promoting is right for them.


The last mistake I made when entering the affiliate marketing business was taking too long to make contacts and friends within the business. Networking is one of the key ingredients to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. You would be surprised how much experienced affiliates are willing to help out beginners.


Getting to know other people in the business can help you in many ways. Other affiliates can be useful in giving you tips, different outlooks on things, or bouncing ideas off of for some advice. Networking is also a great way to build links towards your site, as giving out links to friends will also get some back your way. Personally, getting to know other affiliate marketers and being able to talk to them through instant messages, Skype, or e-mails has helped me become more successful and made my time on the job a lot more fun.


By following these tips, that unfortunately a lot of beginners don’t have the knowledge of, you will be saving yourself a lot of quality time and will help you lead yourself to become a more successful affiliate marketer.