User testing can reveal a lot about your website and marketing promotions as it gives you real-world insight about how visitors use and react to your efforts.

User testing can be quite complex if you choose to take it to extreme angles but, for the most part, you can gain the brunt of the benefits from doing just a few tweaks to your site and campaigns – – that will remain in your budget.

The following is a strategy for one of the easiest ways to approach user testing in order to improve site conversions.

What you’ll gain, at the end of this, includes:

  • Better site navigation
  • Design tweaks that grants greater attention
  • Improved web copy
  • Increased response in social sharing

Here’s where you start …

The how-to process of user testing and feedback

Consider this approach to user testing as the “sit down” method.

The process is extremely simple – as you can imagine:

1. Go to a busy location such as a coffee shop, networking event, or university, and find individuals at their computer (but not too wrapped up in their activities).

2. Introduce yourself and ask them whether they have the time to review a website you’re working on for five minutes while you record their feedback.

3. Load the website for the individual and ask them a few fundamental questions such as their first thought of the website, the process of finding information, tone of the copy, and graphical properties.

4. Spend an extra five minutes to sit quietly as they navigate your website; record what they say upon landing on certain pages or if they have comments about such items as the navigation, layout, and other design elements.

5. Reward the individual for their time with a few dollars, buying them a coffee, or a simple thank you for their time.

Yes, it’s as simple as that.

Why this method works incredibly well is that the individual is completely fresh to your website so they have no previous association with your brand; their opinions are removed from brand association. Likewise, you’re not testing your site among industry professionals which have opinions based on data & best practices which, at times, can actually divert your opportunity because the real-world response may be greatly different than what the industry thinks “best”.

An hour or two of your time doing this, on occasion, will reveal a wealth of information that you may not have known because it’s a fresh set of eyes on what you have to offer; take those notes and put them into practice by making the changes and tweaks introduced and deducted in your recordings.

Here is an infographic we found that will further expand on these actions:

As you can see, this process of user testing is about as basic as you can get. Those that want to further divulge their time and effort into user testing should consider stepping up their involvement by exploring online options, sites, and resources for testing which may come at a premium price.

The point of all this is to improve your conversions so a few extra dollars, each month, is an ample investment if it leads to a spike in your affiliate earnings.