The weekend is the best time to tuck away from work and distractions and knock at your projects and business goals. Most of us have just Saturday and Sunday but that’s more than enough time to take action and improve our profitability (as long as you stay focused).

Sure, you may want a break from all that work but reconsider this thought because you should be aware that your competition is probably thinking the same thing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a lead on ‘em?

This post will be a quick one but will give you the right ideas and actions:


Revise old posts and inject affiliate offers

Go back through some of your older posts and revise the content with current information because people finding these pages are determining if it’s relevant and valuable but if it’s outdated than there isn’t much worth.

While you’re in there you could add affiliate offers which may have come around, now, but not at the time of the original publication which should boost your opportunity to earn commissions.


Make a few website improvements

You wouldn’t want to fiddle around with the design and functionality of your business website during the work week because that’s when it’s getting the most attention but you should definitely consider taking the weekend time to make a few website improvements such as cutting down on the clutter, tweaking navigation, testing new banners, and more.


Rattle off a few sales emails

Since it’s the weekend people finally have the time to go back through and clear out their email inbox which was a major distraction during the week; it’s at this time that you could catch their undivided attention and pitch them on a sale or with an affiliate offer.

Whip up something simple and quick since you don’t want to waste a lot of their time and learn from the response so you can later use the tactic during a larger promotion during the work week.


Find a way to add physical products

We all love promoting infoproducts, services, and programs because the delivery is electronic and we know that those buying will have instant satisfaction but we all still want something we can hold. For this reason you should find a few ways to add physical products into your affiliate offers and throughout the site as an alternative for those that would prefer to own the physical versus digital.

Start off this action by learning and exploring Amazon Associates which will give you one of the better options for items since the marketplace is so huge.


Take the time to learn (and try) something new

The daily operations of your business may have you bogged down to the point that you can’t do much other than work; this means you don’t have time to learn and try new things that could improve your profitability.

There are tons of techniques and strategies for affiliate marketing you can choose from to learn but try focusing on just one, this weekend, and put it into practice.


Attend (or hold) a meet up

Meet ups can be a very profitable action if you find the right people and know what you’re doing. At these get-together’s you can build powerful business connections which could later turn into business opportunities and partnerships.

Likewise, you could share your expertise and recommend products and services you’ve used to find your results – at which point you can gain a few extra commissions. But, overall, you’ll learn some new things about the industry which you can bring back and put into action come Monday.


A few hours of your day to try out new things or implement a strategy isn’t going to make it feel like you’ve done nothing but work all weekend when you’re trying to relax. Go ahead and get a jump on the competition and toy around with things you’ve put off from your to-do list. It’s your time and it’s your business, so why not push it a little harder by doing a profitable action (or two) this weekend?